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17Magic moments

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  • Stephen Higa
    Nov 8, 2000
      Shalom, all!

      I was just perusing this site (in Stefan's Florilegium) regarding "magical
      moments" in the SCA--I was wondering: have any of you experienced any
      moments when, even for a moment, you felt as if you actually were in the
      Middle Ages? I always love reading about those. :) Once some other people
      post, I'll try to think of some of mine.

      Todo callado, todo 'stava'n silencio,
      Como la nuve'n a la escuridad.
      "Miseravle! Porqué vienes agora
      Arecordarme del mal que yo pasí,
      Arecordarme de toda la mi vida?"
      --anon. sefardí