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153Re: Promoting Authenticity (was Religion)

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  • Mark Calderwood
    Mar 1, 2001
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      >Here, here! I've been called a "stick-up-the-butt-History-Puritan" and --
      >although true ;) -- the two phrases "stick-up-the-butt" and
      >"History-Puritan" don't necessarily go together.

      I agree. Now I might have had a privileged life coming from Lochac :o), but
      I must confess, I've never really understood this perception of "being
      authentic is too hard". Doing things the authentic way is usually in my
      experience more effective and easier than a modern approximation. Garb made
      to period cuts looks better and is more comfortable, a char made with
      period joins wil wear a lot better than one glued together. Period food is
      completely yumbo, and in a lot of cases beats the tar out of standard
      modern food. I think if you're going to do something, go that extra yard
      and do it right.

      But I'm preaching to the choir here, so let me ask- how do you folk promote
      "doing it the authentic way"? Speaking for myself, I get a huge buzz out of
      tracking down some obscure piece of documentation and trying the period
      experiment, but I freely admit I'm that sort of geek (and frustrated
      academic!) :o) How do people feel authenticity can best be promoted-or even
      *should* it be promoted?

      Giles "Devil's Advocate" Laval
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