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14849Re: Searching for talent....

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  • unclrashid@aol.com
    Dec 3, 2001
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      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., rowengr@h... wrote:
      > --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil"
      > wrote:
      > > I thought that was one of the things SCA members do as a whole
      > then
      > > write letters to the Crown telling of the wonderful people they
      > > find. *sigh* Guess I don't understand the system at all.
      > Yes, this is good for all folk to do. :) (Peers are just supposed
      > be more diligent about these things. Or something.)

      Depending on where you live and who you know, you may find that peers
      get listened to regarding these matters when others may be somewhat
      ignored. (your mileage may vary)

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