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14833Re: Searching for talent....

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  • rowengr@hotmail.com
    Dec 3, 2001
      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., Steven Proctor <sproctor@b...> wrote:

      > Pish. That's nothing. I have an absolute control over the Order of
      > Precedence. I've been told so, several times, so it must be true
      (It's a
      > long, silly/stupid story...). Though, come to think of it that came
      > my baron's coronet, so it may not be a Laurel thing. So be nice to
      > :-D

      Must have come with the Baronial bit; I don't think it's a leaf-thing.

      Speaking of Orders of Precedence, *is* there a site with an SCA-wide
      one? Someone told me they tripped over it while net-surfing, but have
      never found it again.

      > Also, when Mistress Eloise and I pool out powers we can clear
      > allowing me to drive at insane speeds the length and breadth of the
      > Eastrealm...

      Ah, that sounds like Mst Aleen and I folding the roads (arriving much
      earlier than one should have been able to at a distant event without
      exceeding recommended speeds.)

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