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14813Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Book of hours.... Morgan

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  • Steven Proctor
    Dec 3, 2001
      N'sweat, dear lady. I just thought I should point that out before some
      innocent was lured into the clutches of such vile temptation.... :-)

      And what are the peers saying about their duties? Philosophically, of
      course... :-)



      rowengr@... wrote:

      > --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., Steven Proctor <sproctor@b...> wrote:
      > > Errrrr. Rowen, I'm quite sure you mean bookfinder.com (please not
      > the
      > > SINGULAR nature of the URL). bookfinders.com leads one to a rather
      > > surprising porno site.... :-(
      > >
      > Ooops. Quite right. My typo. (I plead as excuse that I was typing
      > while engaging in a philosophical discussion on the duties of peers.)
      > Rowen

      Carlotta lay on the mound of pillows strewn about the floor of the
      poolhouse, back arched and head thrown back, screaming the name of the
      only man who had ever taken her to the pinnacle of unbridled ecstasy,
      the only man with whom she had experienced the overwhelming rush of
      carnal electricity - unfortunately not the man who now peered up at her
      from the tangle of hastily discarded clothing with the sullen and
      quizzical visage of a calf looking at a new gate.
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