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14790Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: 12th night dress?

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  • Jeanne Harney
    Dec 1, 2001
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      From: <unclrashid@...>

      > All the stuff I snipped here was an excellent description of the
      > Houppelende sleeve issue!

      But here's my question...the view of the sleeve I want to use is...open.
      The pattern calls it "lined floor-length split tube sleeves, and wrist
      length undersleeves", and they mention that they "cheat" by putting in a
      fake undersleeve and a fake insert at the neck instead of making a
      proper underdress, which of course, I'm doing. So...would any of this
      be relevant?? I keep looking, and I've printed out Mistress Cynthia's
      entire Houppelande section, but she uses a completely different sleeve
      construction than I'm planning.

      > I would like to add my two cents worth also.... it is confusing
      > enough that sometimes I just make a muslin mockup and cut it with
      > about 12 inches extra length on the sleeve cap end to allow for
      > adjustments. Then I pin fit the sleeve cap making sure the "bell"
      > or "trumpet" portion of the sleeve is oriented correctly. (you have
      > to sit down and use either a fork or pen to make sure the sleeve does
      > not pull at some weird angle) This usually results in the sleeve cap
      > being twisted about 30 degrees from where you would have expected
      > it. This makes a pattern such that you have to cut you left and
      > right sleeves with the pattern flipped over from one to the next.

      Once again, the sleeves never touch my arm from maybe 1 or 2 inches over
      the actual shoulder...and the underdress is fine. I have 2 from the
      design I'm using.

      Also...I found Ron's fabric today. He's gonna be gorgeous. I'm making
      him a "pseudo-period", or maybe it's period, but I haven't done any
      research, though he's bought a coat/del/thingie like this before at
      Pennsic. Basically like an open calf-length del, without the flap that
      wraps over and hooks diagonally on the front (doesn't tie or close at
      all) in a black satin brocade with gold dragons on it, trimmed in gold
      satin at cuffs, collar, and down the front opening, with the same gold
      satin pants and a black satin knee-length tunic. He likes the look, and
      if I can get him into ANYTHING besides a small kilt, I feel

      who has enough trouble getting Ron to play, especially because if he
      can't wear the small kilt he wants to be a grubby peasant. This is the
      first time in 4 years he's agreed to ANYTHING resembling nice garb.
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