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13862Re: [Authentic_SCA] Digest Number 723

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  • Carolle M Cox
    Nov 2, 2001
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      > Good point! I like the dresses in that picture a lot :-) On the other
      > hand, I think this painting might fall into the Biblical/Allegorical
      > category (it's titled "Susanna and the Elders"), so I don't know if these
      > are necessarily everyday clothes they're wearing...

      Don't know, really. To me it's a portrait with different sleeves, and
      that's final (grin)!
      > this link didn't work :-(
      > http://www.uvm.edu/~hag/sca/15th/vosp24.jpg
      I copy/pasted it this time from the actual site. Hope it helps.

      > >http://au.geocities.com/bella_lucia_da_verona/Lady1535.jpg (Bella's
      > >has a lovely lady in rusty bodice and upper sleeves trimmed in deep
      > >with a green lower sleeve, and (i swear, on this screen at least) fuschia
      > >skirt.
      > Fuschia! Wow <g>. Well, I don't know if my screen is right either, but
      > the bodice and skirt look the same color to me.

      yanno, i printed the pic off, and the skirt comes off a tawny gold much like
      the bodice. Silly screen. Sorry!

      > OK, I confess myself once again confused. Maybe it's just that I'm not
      > looking right, but I can't see different lower and upper sleeves in this
      > painting. It looks like one piece of deep green fabric, with slashes in
      > it. And does lower/upper mean the same thing as the
      > that Gwendoline was talking about earlier?

      Well,Vittoria, it could also be that i'm not using correct terminology.
      "upper sleeve" here is the part that continues from the bodice, the little
      puff at her shoulder. "lower sleeve" is, to me, the sleeve proper. On both
      my screen and the printout that is a solid deep green, multi-slashed sleeve.
      Is that any help?

      Hey you guys, watch those comments about Venetians! I just might have to
      send my friends to your friends. . . . . .

      Gwendoline, at this time, i'm not sure there is a kirtle under this dress at
      all. They wore the camisa and a dress for most of Period. The debate
      appears to be whether the white showing on Brescia's Lady's dress is her
      camisa or an additional layer. I cannot for the life of me see anything
      under it however. But then, that bodice is certainly stiffened with
      something or other, or it wouldn't hold that shape more'n a minute. I want a
      time machine <sniff>!

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