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12049Eyelets (was Re: eBay item)

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  • unclrashid@aol.com
    Sep 3, 2001
      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "Sunny Medlock" <sunnyday78723@y...> wrote:
      > him... Any idea where I might find little rings like that? I have
      > been looking at soldered split rings, but I don't think they come
      > or sturdy enough.

      I know this will make certain people on the list splutter, but
      splutter away. I use the plastic rings made for roman shades if I
      can't find mettal in the right size. They are strong enough and I
      cover them with buttonhole stitch so no one can tell what they are
      made of.

      I know it's not one hundred percent accurate, but I am interested in
      the clothing and I am not interested in doing my own metalwork!

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