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12048Re: Help with Italian Renn doublet

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  • ivinian@hotmail.com
    Sep 3, 2001
      --- In Authentic_SCA@y..., "Sunny Medlock" <sunnyday78723@y...> wrote:
      > > Ooh! Thank you. I'm working from view .. er.. 2, I think. The V-
      > back, with a 3" long skirty-thing. It's all done except for the
      > closures!
      > I am very familiar with that pattern. I'm wondering, have you had
      > difficulty with the gathered sleeves? In one of those views, (I
      > can't remember if it's view I or II) they tell you to gather the
      > sleeve into the armhole, but the sleeve is only big enough to set
      > into the armhole smoothly. Very frustrating when you don't have
      > enough fabric to cut a new sleeve.

      It gathered a teeny bit at the shoulder, and that's about it. I
      noticed that too. But there's lots of poof there, so I'm not sure
      cutting it even bigger would make it look better. It DOES look very
      nice, but it certainly didn't gather much into the armhole.

      > Like the Madonna of the Baseball breast in the Melun Diptych by
      > Fouquet? She's got tiny little lacing rings sewn to the inside of
      > her cote.

      *nod* like that exactly. I found rings that are slightly bigger, but
      I'll keep an eye open for rings that are the correct size.

      > I have made 2 garments like this, and I have used buttons on both
      > (because of the wearer's request), but I have never seen examples
      > buttons used. Probably because this was primarily an undergarment
      > for under a houppelande sort of thing. I don't recall any examples
      > with the metal lacing eyelets used, but that doesn't mean it didn't
      > happen. Sorry I couldn't find more, all my books are still in
      > (and will be for a while I suspect, some bookshelves were damaged
      > the move and need to be replaced). Hope that helps some!
      > Elisabetta

      As always it certainly did, thank you :)

      This doublet is also for use under a larger outer garment. I know
      buttons had to be used somewhere, at least in ladies' garments,
      because sumptuary laws at least in Florence were in place to control
      how many buttons were used on the front of gowns. But I don't know
      exactly how men's garments went.

      Speaking of which, were you the gracious lady who offered to scan the
      Herald book? If so, how proceeds that worthy endeavor? My condolences
      on the bookshelves :( My bookshelves are also very treasured at my

      Thanks again,
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