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  • andrea@gideonfamily.org
    Sep 1 1:12 PM
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      > That's what I had thought. However, I was considering whether or
      not it
      > would have been preferrable to hemp or not.
      > -Ii

      In Japanese terms, hemp was preferable. Raw silk would not have been
      used as garments. It's used as stuffing in house furnishings and as
      padding for winter garments. However, in my opinion, some raw silks
      look like some hemp fabrics. I think raw silk might be a good
      substitution for hemp if you are having trouble finding or affording
      hemp. As for silk brocades, keep in mind that almost all silk
      brocades imported into this country are silk faced. not 100% silk.
      That being said, the best prices and selection can be found at
      thaisilks.com, at about $11.99 per yard.
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