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    Jul 27, 2001
      --- Renaissance Girls <rennaisancegirls@...> wrote:
      > Greetings All!
      > I have been reading all of the posts with regard to
      > judging, and I thought I would throw in my experience
      > in entering an A&S competition, which I have heard is
      > not unique.
      > I have always had a deep interest in the very early
      > 16th century, and before I even knew the SCA existed,
      > I had done TONS of research, and began to make my own
      > authentic gown. Now, when I say authentic, I mean I
      > used period dyes to dye my own fabric, hand sewed
      > everything, it was covered with hand beading, I mean,
      > I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this took
      > me almost a year to do.
      > Then, I found the SCA!!!!!! My first event was a very
      > large A&S competition, and I proudly entered my dress.
      > Now, I did not think I would win, rather I just
      > wanted to share the experience of showing my year of
      > work!
      > I was amidst a sea of polyester gowns with bought
      > trim, but I could tell that everyone put a lot of time
      > into these (giving everyone the benefit of the doubt),
      > and I gushed my praise on everyone.
      > WELL... after the judging I read my score sheets with
      > the comments. On a score of 1-5, I had gotten all 1s
      > and 2s, AND the comments were the most rude,
      > insulting, and just plain hurtful and incorrect. Some
      > of the comments they were making were absolutely
      > untrue, as my tons of research had shown, and anyone
      > who has even a slight knowledge of costuming would
      > know! I mean, one of the dyes I had used was for a
      > rusty-brown color. They even said that the color
      > looked more like a fuscia or a rose... now, take my
      > word for it... there is not even a hint of pink in the
      > rust color!
      > I was absolutely devestated! Not that I hadn't won,
      > but because of the rude and just plain mean things
      > they had said, along with the WRONG information. I am
      > an authenticity maven, so this was such a blow that I
      > didn't know what to do! I took it with a smile,
      > looking at my hours of work of blackwork sitting next
      > to pink and light blue machine made, polyester trim
      > with the high marks, and the only one who knew I was
      > upset was my partner!
      > WELL, after the contest, right after the judging, the
      > Queen made her choices for the Golden Lyre, and guess
      > who won one! That's right, me! The Queen told me
      > that she was so impressed by the work and authenticity
      > (she was Elizabethan, so she knew the work), that she
      > invited me to sit at the Royal table for our feast.
      > So, this was proof to me that it was at least halfway
      > decent.
      > I was still so devestated with the rude comments and
      > hurtful comments, that I cried half the way home. My
      > partner pulled the car over and threw them out.
      > I'm not sure why the comments were so rude and
      > hurtful, but it seemed as though all the judges got
      > together and said "let's really give it to this one!".
      > Any ideas?
      I would put it down to uneducated or ignorent judges. Did
      you provide written documentation, And do you think they
      actually read it before scoring??
      Take the honour the queen bestowed because she was
      knowledgable in your area. Ignore the judges comments.


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