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23Learning Knowledge of Analytical Criteria for Problem Solving

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  • heailngpder
    Apr 20, 2006
      Learning knowledge of analytical criteria / reasoning concepts used
      for issue resolution is a precondition for effective exam problem
      solving, legal decision making, outline preparation.

      Procedures gaining knowledge of analytical criteria / reasoning
      conceptual tools:

      - Identify which info is useful for solving issue problems, and
      categorise it into decision making / problem solving schema
      = Organise information into schema of issues and their alternative
      solutions: facts, policy, remedy, procedure, rule, element, standard,
      test, reasoning

      - Create a checklist of pertinent issues (ie legal problems) that may
      arise in an area of law and alernative solutions ie exam outline

      –Test for intent
      –Factors for determining whether a person is an employee or
      independent contractor
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