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22Classifying Information in Categories

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  • heailngpder
    Apr 20, 2006
      Knowledge of How Specific Information is Used or Organized in areas
      of law

      Categorising info within decision making / problem solving schema
      - What type of issue: fact, policy, remedy,procedure, rule, element,
      standard, test, reasoning

      Associations between specific information
      - comparing and contrasting terms, policy, remedy, procedure, rules,
      propositions, standards, tests, reasoning
      - similarities and differences between fact scenarios

      –Which hearsay exception requires a showing of unavailability
      –Which torts require intent
      –Which Investments qualify for capital Gains

      + Categories are Important knowledge for low level problem-solving
      + Foundation for the ability to generalize and analogize
      + Assumed knowledge for exams
      + Necessary knowledge to prepapre outlines
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