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17Improving Reading Speed and Comprehension

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  • heailngpder
    Apr 20, 2006

      Improve your reading speed and comprehension.

      You will have between 15-30 pages per credit hour of very complex reading. That means that you will be reading between 225 to 450 pages per week. Students who read too slowly or whose comprehension is low can get bogged down in just keeping up with the reading. Prepare for law school by working on your reading speed and comprehension. 

      Find out how fast you read complex material and with what comprehension  Then spend the summer working to bring your reading speed of complex material up to between 200-300 words per minute and your comprehension 85-100 percent on one-time reading.

      The best book on the subject unfortunately is out of print: Mayfield, Craig. Reading Skills for Law Students Michie Co., (1980). Another option is to take a course designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension. Please note, I am NOT talking about speed reading but merely a decent reading speed with high comprehension. 

      Also, I would recommend just reading a lot this summer. Review the following tips: Reading Rates and Comprehension, Reading University Level Materials, and  Seven Strategies for Reading Difficult Material.  Then read several books applying those tips. 

      Finally, be sure to seek help if you are having difficulty.

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