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NeonCon to provide official live video stream of Gen Con 2010

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  • Neoncon 2010
    LAS VEGAS (August 3rd, 2010) — Known for bringing cutting edge new media to social games, NeonCon is proud to partner with Gen Con, Pixel Corps, LiveStream
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2010
      LAS VEGAS (August 3rd, 2010) — Known for bringing cutting edge new media to social games, NeonCon is proud to partner with Gen Con, Pixel Corps, LiveStream and LiveU to bring you Gen Con Live … streaming video updates from the floor of Gen Con 2010. Using technology provided by the Pixel Corps and LiveU, Team NeonCon will be on the floor covering Gen Con 2010 from every angle. Interviews, product announcements and behind the scenes extras … all brought to you as they happen via LiveStream.

      For the first time ever, worldwide viewers will be able to participate in the Gen Con Indy in real-time. Co-hosts Doug Daulton and Juliet Meyer will cover all the action from the opening ceremonies on Thursday to the close of the Exhibit Hall on Sunday evening. Along the way, you’ll meet your favorite game designers, publishers and other special guests from across the industry.

      "Since the early days in Milwaukee, Gen Con has a long tradition of excellence. And, there are no better fans. After covering NAB, CineGear and Siggraph with the Pixel Corps, I knew we had to bring this technology to Gen Con. When I mentioned it to Scott Elliot, he got it immediately, which is one of the reasons we are proud to have Gen Con as a partner." — Doug Daulton, NeonCon

      Gen Con Live will be streamed simultaneously on www.neoncon.com, www.gencon.com, www.livestream.com and infrno.net. Viewers can tune in to watch and chat live online or through social media tools Twitter and Facebook, allowing producers to engage participants, interact with their audience, and viewers to virtually share the moment with others. Online publishers will be able to embed the Livestream video player along with its social media tools on their sites and make the webcast available to their communities.

      Gen Con is about connecting gamers. People come from all over the world to play games here in Indianapolis and to meet their heroes: game designers, writers, publishers and world champion game players. We are excited to have a strong partner in NeonCon, who can help to extend the reach of the Gen Con Indy experience to people who could not attend this year." — Scott Elliott, Gen Con LLC

      Where to Watch

      Gen Con Live will begin at 10:00 am on August 4th, 2010 and end at 6:00pm on August 8th, 2010. The show will be available at www.neoncon.com, www.gencon.com and www.livestream.com, infrno.net and many other websites. Additionally, Livestream offers widgets of varying sizes for bloggers, webmasters, and digital media outlets to embed in their own sites as a source of fun and entertaining content. For more information on the variety of non-commercial widgets available and the embedding codes, please visit www.livestream.com/neoncon.

      Appearing on Gen Con Live

      The Gen Con Live schedule includes interviews with special guests like Stan! (with fellow Super Geniuses Hyrum Savage and Owen K.C. Stephens), Matthew Grau (CthulhuTech & Infrno), Monica Valentinelli (Hack/Slash & Queen of Crows), Adam Jury (Eclipse Phase), Justin Gary (Ascension & World of Warcraft Minis), Rob Doughtery (Ascension) and many more. Additional interviews and special event coverage will be announced shortly.

      If you would like Doug or Juliet to cover your product or event on Gen Con Live, please email the producers at live@....

      About Gen Con

      Gen Con, LLC produces the largest consumer hobby, fantasy, sci-fi and adventure game convention in North America. Its operations include Gen Con Indy and licensees for European and Asia Pacific Gen Con shows. It was acquired in 2002 by former CEO and founder of Wizards of the Coast Peter Adkison, who owns the company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Gen Con is a consumer and trade experience dedicated to gaming culture and community. For updates, follow Gen Con on twitter @gen_con.

      For more information on Gen Con, contact:

      Stacia Kirby

      About Livestream

      Livestream provides everything needed to easily live stream video and engage an audience. Producers can use Livestream to stream live, linear and on-demand Internet television to multiple devices through a single, highly customizable player. The service is available in both Free (ad-supported) and Premium (ad-free, white-label, higher-quality) packages. Unique features include the ability to mix multiple live cameras, overlay graphics, desktop streaming with 3D effects, and social chat. Founded in 2007, the Livestream is based in New York and includes Gannett Co. as a minority shareholder and investor. For updates, follow Livestream on twitter @livestream.

      For more information on Livestream, contact:

      Jennifer Levine

      About LiveU

      Based in Paramus, NJ and Kfar Saba, Israel, LiveU (www.liveu.tv) designs, develops and provides a real-time video uplink solution at broadcast quality which provides instant setup time and connects to any video camera. LiveU frees video broadcasting from uplink limitations and allows the color and excitement of live broadcasts to be shared by TV Broadcasters, Web Platforms and Video Prosumers, anywhere and at anytime. LiveU’s services have been deployed successfully by leading TV networks and other media companies to transmit news, live sporting events, concerts, and reality shows. LiveU is a privately held company, backed by top tier international technology investors. For updates, follow LiveU on twitter @LiveU.

      For more information on LiveU, contact:

      Ken Zamkow
      Director of Sales and Marketing

      About NeonCon

      Founded in 2007, NeonCon is a celebration of geek culture held each fall in Las Vegas, Nevada. Built around social games, NeonCon brings together players and publishers, fans and creators for a weekend of fun and learning in the entertainment capital of the world. For updates, follow NeonCon on twitter @neoncon.

      For more information on NeonCon, contact:

      Doug Daulton
      Founder & Executive Director

      About Pixel Corps

      Pixel Corps is the global industry guild for the next generation of digital craftsmen. Devised to create a global production community capable of generating content around the world, Pixel Corps offers production training designed to create production artists. Pixel Corps is preparing artists for the next media revolution by blending extensive training, access to the industry’s most advanced applications, real-world challenges and community participation unlike anything else available. Founded in 2002 by industry veteran, Alex Lindsay, Pixel Corps has grown to more than 1,500 members in over 35 countries. For updates, follow Pixel Corps on twitter @pixelcorps.

      For more information on Pixel Corps, contact:

      Alex Lindsay
      Founder & Chief Architect


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