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Happy Holidays and my latest near lace

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  • Pat T
    I just looked at the pictures from the Christmas Party . I am so jealous, but then again I do have little ones still, and they’re pretty fun too. I don’t
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2011
    I just looked at the pictures from the Christmas Party . I am so jealous, but then again I do have little ones still, and they’re pretty fun too.
    I don’t want to say that it has been difficult for me to find time to work on on lace but it turns out the last thing I finished was last February. But, contrary to what I said at the last LLI Bobbin Lace class I will continue with the Bedfordshire book I have been working from.
    The real problem is that when you don’t make lace on a regular basis you lose all hope of controlling your tension. I also became flustered near the end and did not finish the project correctly. I had forgotten everything I had thought about when I started the project.
    Just in case you can’t tell what I do when I am practicing for a large piece let me explain. I start a segment and finish it. I then start a second segment above the first so I can practice finishing the piece. This was the first piece that I have done that has no pins with closed stitches around them so after two classes of staring at the piece I gave up, did quick sewings, tied off the pairs and a few days later (yesterday) I cut the ends and removed the pins. Unless I totally lose my mind I do not see me weaving the complete circle in the near future (though I am keeping the pricked pricking).
    I was hesitant to continue with Bedfordshire, I do love the book, but at this time I will not be planning on doing more than practice segments, so no sewing type endings, for a while at least.
    What convinced me to continue with Bedfordshire when I have been wanting to do a particular Torchon piece using the Spanish Pillow I made, is the following:
        The next pattern is a bookmark type piece (no Sewing).
        No picots (actually it was plaits that are so uneven in the last piece)
        A new element I have been interested in before (Bedfordshire half-stitch bud).
        I already have a pricked pricking.
        and most auspicious, “setting in ... in both directions.”
    This last element is most welcome. I was recently given a new tool to try out. A very pretty thread clamp made just for this purpose. I was looking for a small pattern so I could try out the new tool and so when I saw that the next pattern (Pattern 4 in Introducing Traditional Bedfordshire Lace in 20 lessons by Barbara M Underwood) actually could use this tool I decided that providence was at work and I should not ignore it.
    About my recent piece of lace, please do not be too cruel in your criticism. I hate the unevenness and the sloppiness, and yes all the knots on what according to Underwood should be the top. Hopefully I can make a little more time for lace in the near future and can get my skill back up. I am probably not going to continue as the PTA Music Liaison next year and my Webelos II pack is moving on in February. So that's two volunteer spots cleared. I am still the Troop Advancement Coordinator, but that is just a lot of work on a few days really spread out. Laundry though is eternal.
    Now just between us my mind has been interrupting my life with thoughts of, dare I admit this, TATTING. So we will see how things go.
    Wishing all of you the best, I especially look forward to seeing some of you on Tuesday.
    Pat T.
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