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Re: [AustinLace] Re: Name for Camp Gotta Lace--OOPS!

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  • isabell sandoval
    Karen, I also voted for Twist and Knot . Just loved that! I hope your vote counts.I love the theme. Hope to see you soon. Isabell Karen Martinez
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 18, 2008
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      I also voted for "Twist and Knot".  Just loved that!  I hope your vote counts.I love the theme.  Hope to see you soon.  

      Karen Martinez <ejak4@...> wrote:
      Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Thought I was responding to Karisse's email.  After the first few sentences, this doesn't apply to lace stuff, so forgive me.  I'm tired and not paying attention to what I'm doing.  So, if you don't want to find out about my weekend, then just delete this.  Sorry all.  Karen Martinez

      --- On Sun, 8/17/08, Karen Martinez <ejak4@yahoo. com> wrote:
      From: Karen Martinez <ejak4@yahoo. com>
      Subject: Re: [AustinLace] Re: Name for Camp Gotta Lace
      To: AustinLace@yahoogro ups.com
      Date: Sunday, August 17, 2008, 8:48 PM

      Don't know if I qualify to vote, but I did.  Voted for Twist and Knot--figured we could go with a 50's theme--music, clothes, junk-food, If I don't qualify to vote, then just delete my vote.  I couldn't resist.  Or, Just let me know and I'll send you a check for $14.00 to pay my dues to verify my vote.  Had an Ultreya tonight, and told Modesta that Fr. Paul wanted some more of their chile.  She wanted to know when you'd be down again, and I told her probably in Sept.  She said OK. 
           Might want to keep Edgar in your prayers.  He will be living with Anita in SA this fall.  She'll keep him in line.  She had Sammy for a while, but he whined and told mom that he wanted to go home.  Told Edgar that he needed to do what he had to do to stay out of trouble, get an education, and be a good man.  He didn't roll his eyes at me, so I figure that was an improvement.  I told him that a bunch of Episcopal women were going to be praying for him, and he couldn't let us down.  Hope all went well this weekend with the Fam home.  I'm sure Andrew and Cathy will be happy to get home.  Told them that since their recycling center accepts plastic, they'll be seeing us about once a month or so.  Poor kids.  I got some Lemon grass, but don't think it's going to survive.  Hope so.  I wanted their rosemary bush, but it was too big to dig up with the broken shovel. 
           Guess I will go up and take a shower as I'm tired and want to go to bed.  Those pot-lucks are tiring.  Oh, I used some of the ground deer to make a meat sauce for rotini.  Went over well.  There wasn't any left, and we didn't have a ton of people.  Oh, got a couple new embroidery patterns--they had a coupon.  Might want to make pillows for the dogs with one of them, or a blankie for Hero.  Much love to you and Paul, Karen

      --- On Fri, 8/15/08, karissem <KarisseM@hot. rr.com> wrote:
      From: karissem <KarisseM@hot. rr.com>
      Subject: [AustinLace] Re: Name for Camp Gotta Lace
      To: AustinLace@yahoogro ups.com
      Date: Friday, August 15, 2008, 4:28 PM

      OK you all, I made a new post and you can vote for the name that you
      like the best. You should be able to see what name is getting the most
      votes. Do I need to say that you only have one vote please? I don't
      think I do. Please take the time to vote.


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