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973Re: [AustinLace] Selling bobbin lace interest

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  • Simon Purple
    Feb 10, 2014

      I've been convinced by a few friends to keep my tools, so I will just be selling my books and Danish bobbins. I will take offers.

      J Simon Purple

      On Feb 10, 2014 1:42 PM, <jsimonpurple@...> wrote:

      I am getting out of the bobbin lacemaking hobby, switching instead to study piano. I would like to sell my lace paraphernalia.

      I can deliver these items to the next lace club meeting. I will not ship the pillows. I am willing to ship the rest for $3 slow shipping, cost for quicker shipping.

      An old pillow from the mid 1990s, made by Robin of Robin's Bobbins. Looks just like the pillow with roller in the Doris Southard book, but stuffed with straw. This is old, faded, dirty. I'll take $40 for it.

      A brand new-never used large pillow from Heirloom Bobbin Lace Pillows. I can't find them on the web anymore. It is a 24" circle, velvet covered styrofoam. The center has a bolster pillow, a square pillow, and four smaller pillows. I paid $100 + $20 shipping. I will sell it for $90.

      I have 54 pair of guatambu large square bobbins from vansciverbobbinlace.com. These still have thread on them, so you will have to do some work before you use them. I will sell them for $60.

      I have many many guatambu danish bobbins. I think 12 dozen. I will count them before I will them to you. I bought these in the mid-1990s from Robin's Bobbins. They still have thread on them, so you will have to do some work before you use them. I will sell them for $60.

      I have a lot of lace books. I will sell each for $5 + $3 shipping, if you want them shipped.

      Traditional Bedfordshire Lace Technique and Patterns, Barbara Underwood
      Lace in Miniature, Ann Collier
      Lace for Dolls & Dolls' Houses, Ann Collier
      The Batsford Lace Pattern Pack, Bucks Point, Pamela Nottingham
      Bucks Point Lace Patterns, Henk Handeman
      Bucks Point Lacemaking, Pamela Nottingham
      Battenberg and other tape laces, Butterick Publishing Co.
      Battenberg and Point Lace Book, Nellie Clarke Brown
      Technique and Design of Cluny Lace, L. Paulis/M. Rutgers
      Cluny de Brioude, Mick Fouriscot
      Models de Dentelles au Fuseau Cluny, Mick Fouriscot
      Cluny (pattern pack), Annick Staes
      Technique of Torchon Lace, Pamela Nottingham
      Mrs. Bury Palliser History of Lace
      Valenciennes Patterns, Vera Cockuyt
      The Technique of Valenciennes, Vera Cockuyt
      Valeciennes, Annick Staes
      The Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches, Bridget M Cook and Geraldine Stott
      Bobbin Lace, Brigita Fuhrmann
      In the Cause of English Lace, Catherine Channer, Anne Buck
      Point Ground Patterns from Australia, Elwyn Kenn
      Lace, Australian Wildflowers in Point Ground, Elwyn Kenn

      Contact me at my gmail address, jsimonpurple at gmail dot com

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