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  • Frances Bloomer
    Jul 29, 2013
      Ok, this came while my ISP's email server was down.  It's still not very reliable so I hope this goes through.  The photo she included refuses to download for me so if you want to see it, you will need to email Cheryl at the Alamo address.  The file is 14.5MB.

      Most of you know that Ipswich was a major town in the early American colonies involved in the lace trade back to England.  The museum there has some examples of edgings, many are pretty and of interest to re-enactors.  They appear to be Valenciennes or Chantilly type laces with hexagonal or diamond grounds.  

      Oh, and trust me on this one- the black silk thread she mentions is NOT slippery.  When spun for lacemaking it works more like linen; it has a bit of grip to it.  Don't try to use silk sewing thread, it will drive you crazy!  I must admit I have never seen examples of Ipswich laces in black, or of this fine a quality.


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      Date: July 27, 2013, 6:03:08 PM CDT
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      Subject: lace class in San Antonio
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      We are happy to announce that Karen Thompson will be in San Antonio to teach Ipswich lace September 13-16, 2013. I have attached the pictures of the samples of available patterns from which you can choose. They're really pretty! The originals are in the Library of Congress and Karen has been drafting the patterns from those originals over the past few years. The lace is worked in black silk which is readily available from your favorite lace supplies supplier. 

      Available dates is a little complicated so please call 210-324-5761 if you need clarification but here goes:
      Spaces are available on Friday. We will need at least 5 people for the class to "make" on Friday.
      In addition we may be able to find space on one of the other days. Some members who have signed up for Saturday through Monday have said that they might be willing to trade one of those days for the Friday if someone else needs a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. So, if you would like one of those days let me know and I will juggle for you.
      Bottom line, Friday sign-ups are fine, other days are possible. Let me know which days you would like to sign up for and I will confirm.

      The fee for each day of class is $40 which includes one pattern per day of class. (Karen will have other patterns available for sale at the class.) Please send your deposit of $20 per day (non-refundable unless the class does not fill.) We will confirm the class by Sept 1 and the balance will be due by Sept 8. Checks should be made payable to Alamo Bobbin Lacers and sent to Cheryl Anderson, 230 Tansyl Dr., San Antonio, TX 78213-2859.

      Please feel free to share this invitation with other lacemakers as we would be happy to have them attend!

      Cheryl Anderson
      President, Alamo Bobbin Lacers