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925one question please?

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  • Charline
    May 15, 2013
      I have a box of old, prickings, with no patterns
      and the words on the box are German, which I don't
      read, but my question is this: how does one make use
      of these pricking patterns (pristine condition, not pricked)
      with no further instructions.
      When I have worked the very little that I have in bobbin lace,
      it was with instructions to go along with the patterns.
      I would love to try some of these intriguing patterns!
      I know that the solid diagonal lines usually mean that thread
      follows that line but with what stitch? and I know about spider
      stitches but haven't done any. In short, is there a way to
      take a pricking pattern and USE it? Thanks I am sure this is
      clear as mud, but I had to ask :-) Charline