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GENOA, what to do next?

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  • Kiki Paquet
    It is not what others do or don’t that is important to me, it is what i do or do not. Lord Buddha My dear Gaian Brothers and Sisters (and that includes the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2001
      It is not what others do or don�t that is important to me, it is what i do
      or do not.
      Lord Buddha

      My dear Gaian Brothers and Sisters (and that includes the G8 team and our
      most unpopular brother: George Bush)

      That�s it! there we are. Violence has clambered one more step. After i
      calm down a little, thanks to some �peace making� smoke i know a lot of us
      appreciate, i am asking myself: now what am i to do? How to react?
      First of all, my thoughts go to our oh so young brother who died on Friday
      in Genoa, and to all those who were wounded, or just there protesting
      peacefully. May he who died be thanked and rest in peace, for the cause of
      his death was compassion in the first place.

      Now what to do next?

      U.S. President Abraham Lincoln wrote (Nov. 21, 1864 (letter to Col. William
      F. Elkins): "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me
      and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. ... corporations have
      been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the
      money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working
      upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few
      hands and the Republic is destroyed." --

      It seems like the fruit has ripened.

      Now these words of President Kennedy should be thoroughly meditated by the
      G8 team and the other world leaders if they do care about civil security:
      �Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution

      Then, i naturally thought of these heartbreaking words from our respected
      Mahatma Gandhi: �People follow me in life, worship me in death, but will not
      make my cause their cause�. We do know his cause was - first of all - non
      violence and self responsibility.

      Do you feel the loneliness in this short sentence? Why don�t we prove him
      wrong just on this one case, my dear Gaian brothers and sisters?

      So let�s just ask ourselves: �what would Gandhi do in this situation? We
      know what he actually did in times of internal conflicts: he stopped eating.

      What is the meaning of such an action?
      First, it is a kind of mourning, it shows deep sorrow, helpless sorrow.

      Second, among his fellows, did he love one more than the other? No, he loved
      them all, he simply did not want to SEE or CAUSE violence. It was just
      wrecking his heart out.

      Third, in troubled times, one only creates more confusion if he stands up
      with ANGER, then he may be forced to kill or get killed, causing a kind of
      �negative knot� or �bad karma� for himself and his killer, he has to avoid
      both. Furthermore, a �nasty� brother is still a brother, we can�t help but
      try and love him anyway, can we?

      That is very important: love goes THAT far, and BEYOND...

      (i�m not accusing in any way our dear brother who died of any kind of
      reprehensible act. He had the right to be there and protest, things just
      took an UNAVOIDABLE turn. But his short life has been now worth living
      already, a meaningful death is much more desirable than a meaningless life
      that ends with a meaningless death.)

      I have an important thing to convey to my very naughty but nevertheless dear
      brother George Bush, who said on TV the other day that �the protestors do
      not �represent� the poor��, my answer is: i TOTALLY AGREE with you on that
      point, George.

      First, we protest for OUR VERY OWN SELVES, because we SUFFER too much from
      seeing our brothers SUFFER in misery, we SUFFER too much from seeing our
      dear children, animals, plants, flowers, sky and sea SUFFER in all ways.
      Our world has become a nightmarish place all over. What has happened to

      Second, we don�t know any person being in a helpless situation who will not
      appreciate getting some compassion and help, it sort of happens naturally.

      Third, we don�t want to harm you or anybody in your conference, we�re just
      asking you to please stop hurting yourselves by hurting others, because that
      is how the universal justice works, and it will prevail anyway in the end.
      We do not hate you or wish you anything that YOU would not like. What we
      want is: brotherly globalization, not MAD and STUPID globalization. We
      don�t want anybody to step on ours and our brothers� heads.

      As a matter of fact, i�m calling on to you out there, my brothers and
      sisters in all countries of Gaia who REALLY want to help: the time has come
      to end all violence, to mourn, and start walking down the path so familiar
      to our worldwide PEACE heroes, from the widely known: the Mahatma GANDHI,
      Martin Luther KING, John LENNON, our dear dreamer, his Holyness the DALAI
      LAMA... to the many less known of them, hidden in villages, bushes or
      forests here and there on Gaia.

      I�m certainly not saying �let�s do nothing�. But whatever we do must be in
      �total accordance� with our principles of PEACE. If they go up one step
      into violence, we have to climb TEN, A HUNDRED steps into self control, into
      refusing to perpetrate what we condemn: any and all kind of violence. It
      will take that from our part, or we will swim in a huge �blood bath� pretty
      soon, and we SURE do not want that to happen. Let�s not comply to �their�
      violence triggering plan, that�s what �they� want, that would blur away our
      marks and it will be endlessly painful for all of us. Look at what is going
      on in the Middle East, do we want to repeat the same scenario over and over

      So let�s weep and mourn for all the sufferings in this world that has gone
      way too far into madness, but let�s do it without any hatred in our hearts
      towards anybody in Universe. And those who weep SO much that they don�t
      feel like eating any more, like Gandhi, then they don�t eat any more, that�s
      it. Those of us who can, and feel like it, let�s go on hunger strike
      together. Let�s engage CLEARLY and FIRMLY in our PACIFIC ACTIONS, for deep
      down the line, it�s essentially a feeling of immense despair that took us
      here today. If we die from sadness, we�ll be happy to have a meaningful
      death, it will be a privilege.

      Now, i realize my proposition sounds totally crazy, but so what? i've read
      somewhere that the crazy know better ;-))) And we can all think about it
      carefully, and do it when we are ready, or when it will become absolutely
      necessary. In the meantime, please do what i'm suggesting in the end of
      this message.

      Between our tears, let�s try to see Love descend upon all beings on Earth,
      and specially those who need it most, those whose souls are lost in harsh
      feelings, lack of harmony, and unquietness.
      The feelings we can and must express are the ones that come from deep inside
      us, in this case: our sorrow (though we are not used to show our tears), our
      longing for justice. The emotions bursting out all by themselves like ANGER
      are the ones to be mastered as best we can, it�s a principle that a lot of
      us have learnt, NOW is the time to implement it, before implementing any
      other CHANGE. That may be what �breaking our ego� is about: change from
      inside out.

      Let�s practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE towards ALL our brothers and sisters, the
      poor ... AND the rich too, for they are rich in money but poor in love, and
      we know this last one is worse somehow. Let�s feel compassion for their
      lack of love. It�s easy to love the lovable, to hug the huggable, etc...
      Why don�t we try something really challenging and new: love the "hatable"?
      The time has come for that, or at least let's train and get ready for that,
      don�t you agree?

      There is a �practical� point i have to make here: if i do stop eating all
      by myself, it�ll be ridiculous, for the obvious reason that i alone, being a
      complete nobody, will just make people shake their heads and say �poor crazy
      lady�; evidently, there will be no useful impact. If i were famous like say
      Lady Di, it would be worth it; furthermore, i�m not alone in life, i have an
      18 year old daughter, i don�t think she�d appreciate my leaving her so
      �unusefully�, i hope you understand.
      Let�s say we fix the minimum percentage of the people going fasting be the
      same as the Tobin Tax (is it 0.1% or what?) so on about 6 billions of us
      that would be 60.000? waouh! not bad, what do you think? Now this will need
      an organization, i do hope that there are enough �nuts� out there to help
      planning this whole thing. If not, it will simply show where our �spirit�
      is at today, we can come back to this project as soon as we are ready...

      To get rid of negative feelings or vibs, a few very simple recipes that many
      of us know:
      - we breathe strongly, when a little relieved, we allow ourselves to
      consciously feel how that anger affects our body, mentally wrap the rest of
      that anger in a material of our choice (it can be a cloud, or a pink
      balloon, a piece of silk, whatever we like) and throw it out to space where
      it will be taken care of.
      - practice pillow hitting, it works (and i suspect the pillow will even like
      getting some action ;-) )!
      - those who catch themselves complaining and moaning can try a very funny
      thing: look at themselves in the mirror, put a roll of pink toilet paper on
      their head, start complaining all over from the beginning and see what
      happens! Warranteed effect! i got it from an old asian wise man. See,
      wise men are very witty! ;-) (How can we laugh at such a time one may ask?
      because if we do let love deal with violence and madness, we can be SURE of
      a positive result. Remember, all that matters is what WE do.)

      Let�s be creative when meditating or praying or whatever, let�s �set� our
      own unique channel to the SACREDNESS of the Universal Experience, let�s
      follow NO ONE but our own path as Gandhi taught us:

      �Let no one say that he is a follower of Gandhi.
      It is enough that I should be my own follower.
      You are not followers but fellow students,
      fellow pilgrims, fellow seekers, fellow workers."

      He�s clearly encouraging us to do our homework by ourselves. Dear Mahatma,
      may your spirit of love, peace and independance be with us all.

      Let�s LOVE for real. Everything. For the rest, we have to trust all the
      good vibs that are going to be generated that way! what else can we trust?
      some friendly ETs? That�d be fun! The more the merrier! ;-)))

      And last but not least, my dear human brotherhood, let�s put an end ALL
      �religious� fights; that has been going on long enough now, don�t you
      realize it�s ballooney, just like Woody Allen put it in his movie �Harry
      something� (i forgot the full title): �religions are there just to show you
      on the spot who you should hate�. Everything is the way we make it, for if
      we LISTEN to the great spiritual leaders of the world, they ALL taught the
      SAME: LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION. Just think a minute, if your brother likes
      philosophy more than maths, what are you going to tell him? Nothing. Same
      here. We all grew up in different continents, so we developped different
      ways of �being� with God, that�s all, and that is exactly what God (or
      whatever name we give him) wants, otherwise it just wouldn't be so.

      We are all unique, like each bird, each tree, each flower, each mountain is
      unique, we can and we even have to worship, pray, meditate, smile, speak,
      walk, study, cook, make love in our own unique way, that is all that we are
      asked to do, and we are all beautiful in the Eyes of Universe. Lord Buddha
      said that �all things on earth are illusions�. The �illusion� of our world
      madness only �exists� so that we can see WHO we really are, WHAT we really

      I just send you the following quotes that enlightened my thoughts so you�ll
      all get the vibs as i did.

      "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an
      inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny."
      Martin Luther King, Jr.

      "One has to speak out and stand up for one's convictions. Inaction at a time
      of conflagration is inexcusable." ~
      Mohandas K. Gandhi

      Don�t worry, be happy!
      (Jesus� words rephrased in short way)

      Fairies words:
      Your love for our kingdom unites us to the humans. You see, we do not have
      an individual ego: when you love an oak tree for example, in reality you
      love all oaktrees, you get in touch with the entire oaktree species.
      Although it is one particular specimen of oaktree that aroused that love in
      you, he is incapable of considering that for himself alone, thus you are
      naturally connected to the spirit of the whole species. If the human
      kingdom could develop that quality, it would be the end of war, competition
      and conflicts.

      Unconditional love to you all,
      member of International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO). Please
      visit our site at http://www.simpol.org AND GET ON BOARD WITH US, we need

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