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Re: [AustHumanRightsNews] Women in Black Protest Australian Govt Vote Against Torture Convention

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  • willy bach
    Dear Lynette Thank you for your email regarding the women in black. I found out from the internet that Australia has abstained, I was thoroughly disgusted!
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2002
      Dear Lynette
      Thank you for your email regarding the women in black. I found out from the
      internet that Australia has abstained, I was thoroughly disgusted! The
      Howard government keeps stooping to new lows. Now they support torture -
      did we ever imagine they would do that?

      We are in Uganda, where torture, cruel and unusual punishments and extra
      judicial killings head a long list of human rights abuses committed by the
      army, intelligence services and police. Uganda voted against the resolution
      - as a loyal ally of the USA in its 'War on Terror'!

      USA has just denied the right to the prisoners they have in Cuba to access
      the US legal system on the basis that they are not US citizens and not in
      the USA - so who the hell is holding them prisoner but the US government?

      I have instructed my web designer to put this article of yours onto the
      'refugees' section of my web site:


      also check out these web sites:


      and: Torture: US loses effort to stall Protocol to Convention:

      http://www.unfoundation.org/unwire/util/category search.asp?objCat=rights

      and you can see the long list of countries that have signed up for the
      dubious Anti Terrorist legislation from Amnesty International in USA. Also




      All this makes some worrying reading. Catherine, we will have to capture
      all these links and discuss a special page for human rights violations
      carried out by allies of the 'War on Terror' - it will need its own web site
      in a short time.

      Regards to all

      Willy Bach
    • willy bach
      HSLetters@heraldsun.com.au Dear Editor I have read a selection of your letters from readers on the subject of assylum seekers and the war on terror. I am
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 2, 2002

        Dear Editor

        I have read a selection of your letters from readers on the subject of
        assylum seekers and the war on terror. I am saddened by the lack of
        informed opinion that exists in Australia on both these related subjects.

        The reason why there are terrorists trying to destroy 'our way of life' is
        that this 'way of life' is detroying the planet and leaving little or
        nothing for most of the world's people. We simply cannot afford to be so
        selfish as to turn our backs on the rest of the world - we are part of it.
        That is why Australia signed all those UN treaties that make it legally
        binding that we treat people who flee from repressive regimes with
        compassion. For that matter, the asylum seekers could include some very
        skilled people whose contribution will be valuableable to Australia.

        Currently the government of this country is flouting the international laws
        - and, yes, it does matter. Woomera is a disgrace. When I tell people in
        Africa that we have concentration camps in the desert with razor wire, water
        cannon, tear gas and that there are children in such places - they are
        shocked. They actually thought that human rights violations only happened
        in their country

        If Australians go to live in the USA because they can earn more money they
        are admired for being enterprising. Here we have people shouting - "send
        them back" especially if they complain of treatment we would consider cruel
        and inhuman if it were meted out to us.

        The war on terror is a war against the poor of the world. Many innocent and
        destitute people are already dying because of this war. There will never be
        a war that roots out all terrorists. Furthermore, you should read the
        repressive legislation that is being passed by numerous governments around
        the world (including Australia) - before declaring that our army is fighting
        for freedom. Also check the web sites of the United Nations, Amnesty
        International and Human Rights Watch to see the regimes who are 'our' allies
        in the 'war on terror'. You would have to wonder who the real terrorists

        We should not take what any government tells us at face value. We need to
        ask more questions and do a bit of reading of other points of view. We need
        to put a greater value on the lives of the human beings involved - not just
        the people we know personally.

        Willy Bach
        Australian Human Rights Volunteer
        PO Box 11243

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