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Re: [Atlantis_Mysteries] Fw: Azores pyramids puzzle

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  • katsscan
    Thanks for the interesting referrals Byron, Referring to the Chinese Pyramids that are not politically correct - why not? Is it because ancient Gaelic
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      Thanks for the interesting referrals Byron,
      Referring to the "Chinese" Pyramids that are not "politically" correct - 
      why not?   Is it because ancient Gaelic Caucasians are interred in them - i.e.,
      the "original" Sheenies/Chinese.  Also the original ancient Chinese language
      was Gaelic and its ancient characters/words were made of Runes.  Since then
      later Chinese have rearranged and called sentences "characters" when they
      were once actually sentences.  (And yes, I've studied and researched the
      Chinese Language, etc., etc..)

      The Gaels would often set up flat stone figures against their pyramids, or on a
      path to them.  Very similar landscaping and pyramids are found in Chichen itza.  
      The flat characters leaning on the pyramids look a bit like pirates of the Caribean.
      Identical step pyramids are found in Columbia and the Canary islands, i.e.,
      the Atlantes (Atlantis - what's left of the daughters of Mt Atlas).  There are
      enormous pyramids that look like mountains in other parts of Europe, but are
      grown over.  According to science, aerial infrared photography shows them
      to have actual gargantuan structures underneath.  Remember, the northern
      (and southern) hemispheres were not only covered by ice sheets, but massive
      flooding occurred during and after meltdowns.
      As to the Bosnian and Martian pyramids, many times mankind uses natural
      formations to form their structures, they simply give nature some "help."
      This was how the ancients looked at nature.  You see it, you finish carving
      or forming it. That is also the philosophy behind some cave art and statues.  
      There are tunnels in the pyramids, the Bosnian and Martian according to
      researchers, and Runic writing in the Bosnian tunnel graffiti. 
      See a few more photos at: 
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      Katsscan, thanks for your post on Azores pyramids. I never heard of this before, so very grateful you cast some light on it. I looked it up on Google and found several pictures of other pyramids there. By looking at the photos they look like step pyramids, obviously NOT just rock piles made by farmers. They look like the pyramids on Tenerife in the Canaries.

      Note to all: search using the Portugese_ maroiços ilha do pico _ by cut and paste.

      (BTW- I do not endorse the much-hyped 'Bosnia pyramids' -they appear to be natural formations) One could find pyramid-shaped mountains anywhere, but, looked at from a different angle the pyramid shape is not there. To qualify as a pyramid one needs to find obvious artifice and symmetry.

      Much the same for the so called Martian pyramids, obviously not well shaped, so are, as such, natural formations.

      Pyramids are in many places that are not generally known.

      There are big pyramids in China which are in some way, not politically correct, and as such outside investigators are not welcomed there. Who knows? how long the wait will be until we can find out more about the Chinese pyramids.

      At least one pyramid was found on Easter Island, and others in the Canary islands.

      Ohio: A more obscure pyramid was the one i discovered when visting Seven Caves in Ohio back in 1978. (I heard that Seven Caves is now closed or converted to a "nature preserve") anyway, found reference there was a pyramid back in the early colonial days, the blocks of which were carted away by settlers to use as foundation stones in their own buildings.
      Georgia: Stone Mountain, near Atlanta: though not a pyramid, there was--also in Colonial times--mysterious structures atop the dome shaped mountain. Various accounts of the stone structure atop Stone Mountain are told. None are verified or documented. One such was said to be a cross-shaped crack in a giant boulder topped by a second boulder, the cracks were widened to some 4 feet wide and high enouigh to walk through. These corridors ran North to South and East to West. It might have been a natural formation utilized by the aboriginals as a temple. Another structure was said to be a stone circle. These possibly served as a temple for the aboriginal inhabitants long ago. I was there in 1974, the walk up the back of the mountain is a gentle slope, and a nice walk. I saw a plaque (do not remember exact wording or location) commemorating the stone formations/structures atop the mountain. (now missing)
      Easter Island ref: (available on Amazon) book, 'Aku Aku' -by Thor Heyerdahl (has pictures of ancient ruins of Easter Island including pyramidic structure) note: one usually thinks of Easter Island with the giant heads, but not generally known is that some of them were attached to giant stone bodies buried deep in the earth. You can see them in some photos, like, do an image search for Easter Island on Google. There are also remains of a megalithic wall fitted much like the fine stonework of the Inca. Heyerdahl believed that the people originally on Easter Island were culturally related to the pre-Inca.
      Some believe that the Lost Continent of MU is the common cultural foundation for many of the oldest mystery sites in Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas. Of course we know very little about it, though a lot of extravagant claims have been made. Perhaps someday we will learn more about this.

      note-- following links: if these do not hyperlink, then just use copy-paste to your browser url field------ http://blather.net/blather/2006/08/the_pyramids_of_gmar_tenerife.html
      http://bardofely.hubpages.com/hub/The-mysterious-pyramids-of-Tenerife-islandhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramids_of_G%C3%BC%C3ADmarhttp://archive.org/details/thorheyerdahlaku037009mbp --note: (is BW photocopy)

      http://www.arcofappalachia.org/visit/seven-caves.html --note: no mention of the pyramid but has the background info on the park. -was unable to find present day web reference. I only heard of it when i visited Seven Caves in 1978.
      http://georgiamysteries.blogspot.com/2009/01/who-built-wall-of-rock-on-top-of-stone.html http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CCwQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fstonemountainpark.org%2Ftext%2Fquarry%25204%2520resources_001.pdf&ei=K3YrUrqxMpey4AOAqoCYBw&usg=AFQjCNFKeRdOXKOd088iAN2ijQYUiV90Hw&sig2=Cy-JwJ0YYjHDx701Otm2yQ&bvm=bv.51773540,d.dmg ---downloads a pdfhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Mountain --general background of the mountainhttp://www.nativestones.com/misc.htmhttp://www.epinions.com/review/park-Parks-All-GA-Stone_Mountain_Park/content_14461800068?sb=1

      West Virginia: Ben's Run earthworks and mounds, said to have been destroyed by mining operations since 1965 http://www.wvexp.com/index.php/Ancient_Ruinshttp://www.paversearch.com/pavers-West-Virginia-WV.php ---

      scroll down to ancient paving stones. This site mentions the same paving was on the other side of the Ohio river.Louisiana: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty_Point -mounds

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