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Pie Structures #2 - Jordan's "Medicine-Wheels" ??

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    The Medicine-Wheel Pie at Bighorn Range in Wyoming, USA .Note cairns spaced around outside of Medicine Wheel. Did it have walls or a fence, or was it
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        The Medicine-Wheel  "Pie" at  Bighorn Range in Wyoming, USA

      .Note "cairns" spaced around outside
       of Medicine Wheel.
       Did it have walls
       or a fence, or was it some kind      of a time telling "clock" ?

      .Syria's "Medicine-Wheels" below ..

      At the time the "Pie" wheels  below were built, the world's weather was much wetter and there may have been  verdure growing upon the lava fields.  Italy  has thousands of similar foundations but with their stone-wall sides still intact.
      In ancient times, and still today, they are used by shepherds in the outback to stable their flocks of sheep and goats at night  etc.

      Stone Dots   Credit: Robert H. Bewley APAAME_20090928_RHB-0120

      These stone structures have a wide variety of designs, with a common one being a circle with spokes radiating inside. This wheel in Jordan looks like it has four dots within its spokes.

      Stone Shapes

      Stone Shapes Credit: Stafford Smith

      The Harrat ash-Sham lava field stretches from Syria to Saudi Arabia and contains thousands of wheels. Here, drawings reveal the various shapes these structures can take.
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