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Mexico--- Atlantis, or an outpost?

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  • mondrar@mcn.org
    Just watching a program called Ancient Almanac . (made in 2001 and narrated by Leonard Nemoy) This episode is called The Puzzling Pyramids of Mexico and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2011
      Just watching a program called 'Ancient Almanac'. (made in 2001 and
      narrated by Leonard Nemoy) This episode is called 'The Puzzling Pyramids
      of Mexico' and features Teotihuacan and the society of the time.

      Originally there was a religious center outside Mexico City that was the
      main temple of the gods. A huge building/temple/pyramid was built to
      house the knowledge of the gods. However- a volcano erupted, and the
      temple and entire city were covered with lava, and taken by the population
      as their gods abandoning them, so they moved away and built Teotihuacan.

      Teotihuacan was thought to have been established around 100 BCE and
      continued to be built until about 250 CE. The city may have lasted until
      sometime between the 7th and 8th centuries CE.

      As I listen to details of their society, their concept of social
      responsibility and the importance of the common good, and the fact that
      they would not deify their leaders but insisted no one be raised above the
      rest, and many other 'odd' ways of living in a Utopian existence, I was
      struck by how like many of the Atlantean legends it was.

      Just looking at the enormous buildings, the astrological sophistication,
      their huge apartments built for the population, and so much more. How
      magnificent. We know nothing about them, they disappeared, and left no
      written word. They were a peaceful people and had no fortifications.

      Later, their society deteriorated and the Aztecs moves into the abandoned
      city, they began sacrificial worship, and a burial pit of 200 people was
      found. Some believe they were a volunteer group to dedicate the pyramid
      when it was built, where they were reborn as the sun and the moon. No one
      will ever know, thanks to Cortez and the Spaniards.

      Cortez was quoted as saying (when he was asked by Montezuma why he was so
      interested in gold) "We Spaniards have a disease that only gold can cure."

      No, it only feeds it, consuming the seeker--- and monumental plunder began.

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