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    AN ANCIENT TIME T.V. SET..?? Some ancient records that hint at the idea: The construction of the Al Muchefi Mirror was outlined according to the laws of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2004

      AN ANCIENT  'TIME'  T.V. SET..??

      Some ancient records that hint at the idea:
      The  construction of the "Al Muchefi Mirror" was outlined
      according to the laws of perspective and under proper
      astronomical configurations-a "mirror" in which one could
      see a panorama of Time. 
      So states researcher Andrew Tomas, in his book We Are Not
      the First (p.167).

      If this be true, then the former cultures were one step ahead
      of us-they had "Time" Television.
      In his book Readable Relativity, the British scientist Clement
      V. Durell writes:
      "But all events, past, present and future as
      we call them, are present in our four-dimensional space-time
      continuum, a universe without past or present, as static as a 
      pile of films which can be formed into a reel for the
      We look, for example, at the Andromeda nebula; the light we
      see left it 820,000 years ago; we are therefore looking
      820,000 years INTO THE PAST! 

      Astronomers behold a star "explosion". We say it has just
      happened, that we have seen a star "explode". 

      But they know that we are looking at something that happened 
      hundreds or even thousands of years ago, and we are just 
      receiving the rays from it, just as those rays left that star 
      when it was happening.
      Recent studies seem to indicate that FROM EVERY POINT IN THE 

      Rays from this earth are endlessly going on out into space, 
      recording what we have done here on this earth.
      Over these rays we have no control. They are the result of
      our actions. We cannot bring them back...
      ...Did you ever wonder what ultimately becomes of the waves 
      that radio and television stations send out into space 24 hours 
      a day? 

      Do they fade and vanish, or do they keep going forever?

      It is known that on occasion, pictures do appear mysteriously,
      long after a broadcast is finished.

      ...C.B. Colby reported in the White Plains, N.Y., Reporter
      Dispatch an incident that occurred in Britain in September,
      1953, and was later mentioned in Reader's Digest:
       "Suddenly in many parts of England television screens
      blossomed out with the identification card and call letters of
      T.V. station KLEE in Houston, Texas.

      At that time transatlantic programming is but a dream, so
      several viewers took pictures of the image to prove the 

      "What really startled the T.V. world was the fact that when
      British broadcasting engineers advised KLEE in Houston of 
      the unusual event, they were told that the station had been
      off the air since 1950. No KLEE identification card had been
      shown for the past three years.
      "Where had that picture been for three years? Why did it 
      appear only in England and how did it get back from 
      wherever it had been?"

      DID THEY...?
      Did our predecessors have the technology to tune into past 
      events at will? To retrieve vibration waves from those events,
      which were still rippling somewhere through space?...
      by Jonathan Gray
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