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[AtkinBoats] Re: Most Popular Atkin Design?

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  • JohnyM7@excite.com
    Hi Dennis, Have you considered a sailboat? I m sure Valgerda would attract a lot of attention. I don t know how many have been built, but it s an incredibly
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 19, 2006
      Hi Dennis, Have you considered a sailboat? I'm sure Valgerda would attract a lot of attention. I don't know how many have been built, but it's an incredibly beautiful design and appears to be a reasonably simple boat to build. Good luck at the boat show with whatever you build. JohnM--- On Sat 03/18, David < arbordg@... > wrote:From: David [mailto: arbordg@...]To: AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.comDate: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 20:13:42 -0000Subject: [AtkinBoats] Re: Most Popular Atkin Design?Denis,Four thoughts.First - when responding to your query about whether Ninigret is a goodchoice and whether another boat would be better, it would be helpfulto know what your criteria are. For example: what waters; what usage;how many on board - typical & max; how far do you want to go, and howfast; trailered or moored; for your own use, or definitely to sell.Second - I personally like Ninigret, and there have been severalbuilt. If you have not found it yet, look in the header
      for this Yahoogroup and click the link. Then click photos. You'll find a number offotos of Ninigret. Pretty boat, IMHO.Third - I can, absolutely, tell you how to make a small fortune in theboatbuilding business... Start with a large fortune. You don't saywhat your experience is, nor your shop setup. I'm Guessing - you're anamateur with a minimum shop. It's not impossible for a backyardboatbuilder to sell his product for a price that allows for a livingwage - but it's not common. IF you don't mind at all keeping the boatif it doesn't sell, AND you would sell if the right offer comes along,AND if the right offer means at least recouping your material costs,THEN I think you'll be happy. If you go into it expecting to sell theboat, and to make money, I'd say the odd's are you'll likely bedisappointed.Fourth - You don't say how much time you'll have to devote to thisproject. Is the boat show about a year away? Unless you'll be workingat this fulltime, I doubt the boat would be
      finished for the show (andperhaps not even then).Sorry to come off as such a surly old curmudgeon, but that's the way Isee it. BTW, is the nh in your email New Hampshire?Grouch, Grumble, Grump,David GraybealPortland, OR"Prediction is very difficult, expecially if it's about the future" --Niels Bohr*******************--- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "denisnh" wrote:>> Hi All. I'm seriously thinking of building a boat to show at next > year's Maine boat builder's show. I know last year there was anAtkin sedan cruiser with the V-seabright hull and it attracted anawful lot of favorable attention. > > I'm looking for a boat design 24' or less, seabright would be nicebut not absolutely required, and must be a boat that's been verypopular in the past. I will probably accept a fair offer if someonewants to buy it. > > I really love the Ninigret. Good choice, or would you recommend a > different design? I can build ply or traditional plank on
      frame.> > Enjoy the warmer weather to come VERY soon. :-)> > Sincerely,> DenisNo flaming, cursing, politics, religion or public mopery. Please be polite. If you set out to build an Atkin boat, please do not modify the plans. If you stray from the plans you do so at your own risk and Atkin & Co. will take no responsibility for the performance of the resulting boat.The current Atkin boat plans catalog is online at <http://www.atkinboatplans.com/>

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