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Re: [AtkinBoats] Atkins Designs Article.

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  • lynx coin
    Hello John. Here are a couple of pics of BILLYS BLOOD ,my tally ho major.Some of the pics are at my house in colorado and the ones in the water are in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2006
      Hello John.
      Here are a couple of pics of BILLYS BLOOD ,my tally ho major.Some of the pics are at my house in colorado and the ones in the water are in bellingham bay in washington state.If they get published somewhere will I be able to obtain a copy?Please let me know where I could pick one up.
      I believe you are correct about the whisker pole.I figured that is what it is but could not figure out how to go about attaching it to the boat.I am going to get a set of plans from Mrs Atkin soon and that may help some.I am hoping that someone with a tally -ho will contact me and perhaps be a source of information.You would be more than welcome to include my E mail address in case someone wanted to contact me.Thanks alot for consideration.If I can be of any other help or service feel free to contact me at any time.
      Lynx Coin
      Tally-ho major
      "Billys Blood"

      John Cupp <boatdock@...> wrote: I just wanted to thank everyone for your replies about the
      pictures. John it is OK with me if you post the pictures before I
      get my article up because the people will have the group address
      after I write the article and may want to see larger pictures than
      in the magazines. David, send me any of those pictures and the name
      of the builder if you have that someplace. I was absent from the
      Port Townsend Show three years running because of one sort of
      illness or another. My wife's aunt has a nice wooden cruiser inside
      a huge boat house very near to where the show is held and we do not
      even have to get a motel. This last show I had knee surgery.

      Lynx, any pictures you can take of the Tally-Ho Major please send
      them , I will use them for sure. Also you may be looking at a
      whisker pole for setting your jib out to catch more air. They were
      the fore runners of the spinnaker poles. To John M., I also had
      serious back injuries but I now teach boat building at a local high
      school helping out the real shop teacher and I get many willing
      hands to help build anything. With a big chain lift and a lot of
      hands even a person with back problems can build a nice cruising
      boat and I am continuing my plans to build a cruiser even though I
      am legally disabled.

      You can always build a real nice boat using friends and anyone
      willing to help out. David Gerstel, your boat shows the classic
      lines of an exceptional Atkin design. It would be very satisfying
      to know your boat could go anywhere through the water of this earth
      safely. The true test of any boat is not how fast you went before
      it broke, it is getting to the destination in grand shape. If I
      could get your permission to use the photo's of your boat in my
      article I would be very appreciative. If you are using your boat
      for chartering I will also put your name and contact information in
      the article, sort of fre advertisment if in fact you do charter
      work. If you don't then I will not include that information. The
      pictures of the boat going to weather look great. It looks like it
      has some speed to it also, what a lovely site.

      Thanks everyone for your comments and help. When I get the article
      done I will ask John if he will post it for everyone to read if they
      would like to. Remember from the smallest Atkin boat to the largest
      if you have any construction photo or pictures of the boat in the
      water please send them to me for the article. I can not guaranty
      that my editors will use all of them but I will make sure I send all
      of them with spaces for all of them.

      John Cupp

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