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Re: "Sur Flo" and other stuff

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  • robrohdeszudy
    ... any ... in ... Greetings Mr. White, I m a big fan of your writing. I m also grateful to you for actually building one of these tunnel stern boats and
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 23, 2005
      > One other thing: I joined this group to lurk around and find out
      > if there is anybody who has built or knows anybody who has built
      > of the Atkin Seabright tunnel boats besides Alex Hadden and me.
      > I'll ask that question now. Thank you all for your consideration
      > this matter.

      Greetings Mr. White,

      I'm a big fan of your writing. I'm also grateful to you for actually
      building one of these tunnel stern boats and writing about the

      I have not yet built one, but I plan to. (Just finished a Bolger
      Light Schooner and the wife says I have to wait a few years before
      building another!) To that end I have a couple questions for you.

      First, would you mind providing a list of the mechanical parts that
      went into Rescue Minor with sources and approximate costs? Inboard
      power, particularly at 20hp, is a new to many of us in Outboard
      Wonder Land (Wisconsin). I'd particularly love to know what reverse
      gear you're using, source, cost, etc.

      Now on to the hull. I'm trying to decide between Rescue Minor and
      Shoals Runner.

      What's your take on the different chine sections? To me, the Rescue
      Minor looks like the better sea boat, since Shoals Runner has a point
      where the chine reverses, forming a straight-up flat-bottomed skiff
      for that little bit. My light schooner has that hull form and gets
      the hell beaten out of it by powerboat wakes. But maybe it doesn't
      matter when it's such a small area?

      I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. To put this in context, I'm
      thinking about the steep chop of the great lakes and these wide,
      shallow puddles we have all over up here. I guess that Normandy stern
      might help there.

      I'm somewhat inclined toward Shoals Runner, all other things being
      equal, since it seems nobody's built one. It'd be nice to see how it

      But total weight counts. I don't really want to mess with trailer
      brakes, so I think that limits me to 3750# for boat and trailer in
      Wisconsin. Might be 2000#.

      I'm pretty sure your Rescue Minor weighs pretty close to Atkin's.
      Anybody got a guess on the hull weights on these two designs?

      If you read Duckworks you probably know I'll be writing about the
      results of whatever I build. I just can't shut up, I guess.

      Many thanks in advance, folks.
      --Rob Rohde-Szudy
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