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Re: Atkin plans, how much detail and what come with them

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  • Wayne
    ... from books, ... shown some ... us, ... simple ... articles for ... use that ... projects. ... to suffer ... like ... do that! ... of ... to take ... Other
    Message 1 of 12 , May 17, 2005
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      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, jkohnen@b... wrote:
      > Well put Lon.
      > Few of us are so innately inept that we can't learn to build a boat.
      > Depending on how our minds work, some of us can get a head start
      from books,
      > some from step-by-step plans, and some of us might do better if
      shown some
      > of the tricks -- or various combinations of the above for most of
      > probably -- but it's not rocket science, and we can do it. For the
      > boats in the Atkin catalog there's enough in the MoToR BoatinG
      articles for
      > most tyros to figure out how to build the boats, and then they can
      use that
      > knowledge as a leg-up towards building bigger and more complicated
      > I have nothing against the many "instant" type boat plans (except I
      > personally don't like working with lots of goop), but I think their
      > designers capitalize on the lack of confidence many amateurs seem
      to suffer
      > nowadays. "Oh, I couldn't ever build a boat, but this doesn't look
      > building a boat, with no lofting or bevels or close fits. I could
      do that!"
      > they think. But they _can_ build a boat the old-fashioned way, lots
      > amateurs have, all it takes is some patience and a bit of gumption
      to take
      > the first step. And you don't need a shop full of expensive tools.
      > than the hammers and saws and drills everybody has around (but get
      the saws
      > or blades sharpened) a plane or two and a few chisels are about all
      > need, and they can usually be found at a local junk store.
      > The most important requirement for any kind of boatbuilding is the
      > to start a project and see it through to completion. It helps a lot
      if you
      > enjoy the building itself. If you're most interested in getting on
      the water
      > you'll be better off buying a boat. I enjoy making chips and
      sawdust, I
      > don't enjoy smearing goop. I'm not too bad of a woodworker but,
      alas, I have
      > trouble getting projects started and finishing them (the part in
      > usually isn't a problem). <sigh> But I have launched a boat I built
      with my
      > own hands (and little goop) and it sure did feel good! :o)


      Keep talking and you will convince me that I can build a boat. Having
      never done it before. Not owning any tools worth mentioning. All
      thumbs and two left feet. I've been dreaming about this longer than I
      care to admit. One of these days, by golly I'm going to do it.

      In the Swamp.
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