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Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: comparing three designs

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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    Sounds like you ve got a handle on trailer-friendly construction. Lapstrake might be just a tad lighter than batten-seam, but boats you re interested in aren t
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 7, 2004
      Sounds like you've got a handle on trailer-friendly construction. Lapstrake
      might be just a tad lighter than batten-seam, but boats you're interested in
      aren't lightweights, so that really doesn't matter. You won't want to be
      trailering them very much or very far! You can probably do the topsides of
      Tang with sheet plywood. It'd be a good idea to avoid large chunks of wood
      in the backbone, especially if you use oak, since large pieces of wood will
      move quite a bit with moisture changes. I think I'd use something like 3M
      4200 (or 5200 in places where you _never_ want to take it back apart) and
      fasteners instead of epoxy in the plank seams, since it's more flexible, and
      there's plenty of framing to hold the boat together, unlike the lightweight
      boats designed to take advantage of epoxied planking.

      Little Water looks like she'd be pretty difficult to build, probably not a
      good choice for a first boat. Even Robb White had to stop and scratch his
      head lots of times when figuring out how to get the shape of the tunnel from
      the drawings to the boat when he was building his bastardized Rescue Minor!

      Speaking of first boats, maybe it'd be a good idea to build a smaller,
      cheaper, simpler and quicker to build boat first to get the hang of things.
      Something like Ike or June Bug, for example, since you'd be using the same
      construction methods and installing an inboard engine, just on a smaller

      On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:40:35 -0000, Andrew wrote:
      > ...
      > I was figuring on using plywood planking. John Atkins made reference
      > to the possibility of batten seam plywood planking in his article on
      > the plans site. Or do you think plywood lapstrake woud be better? Btw,
      > those climate parameters I mentioned are the extremes, not averages.
      > I have sent for study plans for the boats in quetion. Should know more
      > about construction when they arrive.
      > Andrew

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