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RE: [AtkinBoats] UnlikeyBoatBuilder: Tarpon Springs

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  • William E. Parker
    I have a Florence Oakland schooner, and when I got it I completely underestimated the response from the general public. I have never had a problem finding
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      I have a Florence Oakland schooner, and when I got it I completely underestimated the response from the general public.  I have never had a problem finding people to help me rig her in the spring, as most sailors want to take part in some way.  You meet interesting people and some become lifelong friends, like my friend Jack who was a grip (rigger) in Hollywood , a great ship modeler, and just loves to what he calls “play” on my boat in whipping and doing rope work. 


      It can have its down side, however, as when a bass boat full of people circles me to get a better look in light air and completely knocks the wind out of my sails.  My favorite story is when I was bending on sails and lazy jacks in my slip after launching in very hot weather and I discovered I had laced a lazy jack through the two part halyard somehow. I exploded with very nasty phraseology.  Then I heard a meek voice from the dock that said “Can we ask you a few questions about your boat?”, and I turned to find an older couple (70 if they were a day) standing there smiling.  Needless to say I felt a little abashed, but answered their questions.


      One of my compatriots in the sailing club has termed my boat “Sailor Candy”.  I guess that sums it up.


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      One of the great things about cruising in an 'interesting' boat is that it's easy to meet people. People are just naturally curious about an old fashioned boat like the Blue Moon.

      Back in Cedar Key, as soon as I rowed ashore, I met three nice people who had admired the Blue Moon from the pier and wanted to know what kind of boat she was and where I was going. Of course, half the people look at me like I'm a bit nuts, when I tell them, but the other half looks wistful and you can tell they long to cast off, too.

      Read complete blog post:

      http://www.unlikely boatbuilder. com/2010/ 04/tarpon- springs.html

      Enjoy: John

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