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Re: Rescue Minor

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  • Lewis E. Gordon
    Is this the REAL Robb White? You would love it down here in Nicaragua. You can t get real marine plywood, and the exterior grade they call marino . It s
    Message 1 of 38 , Jul 28, 2004
      Is this the REAL Robb White?

      You would love it down here in Nicaragua. You can't get real marine
      plywood, and the exterior grade they call "marino". It's decent but
      the outer plys are VERY thin, and no one stocks it. The factory will
      only fire up their "Marino" line with a minimum order of 500 sheets!
      We were lucky to sneak in our order for 30 sheets (for construction
      forms) with an order from the largest construction firm in country.

      But the spanish cedar, now that is some lovely stuff! Unfortunatily,
      all we have bought has gone for window bucks, windows and doors!

      Great web site! I enjoy the "rejected stories". Please add sone more.


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "oldbingey" <bingey@r...> wrote:
      > A fellow sent me a letter mentioning this group so, since I have
      > an admirer of the Atkins for a long time, I figured I better join.
      > I notice that the subject of my notion of Rescue Minor has come up
      > and I think I can answer some of the questions. I'll try to be
      > brief. In the first place, I bastardized together three Atkin
      > to get what I built. I could have just built a real Rescue Minor
      > but I don't build plywood boats so I bought the plans for Everhope
      > from Pat Atkin, too, because it is a round bilged boat... but it
      > draws 12." By looking at the study plans for all those tunnel
      > boats, you can see a gradual evolution of the essential bottom
      > so I bought the plans for the last tunnel boat, Shoals Runner, to
      > what they wound up with. My boat is a combination of all three of
      > those and.... my own idea of a proper motorboat. The reason I
      > pulled in the stern into that tumblehnome shape was to get as much
      > convexity to the sides as I could. Convexity makes a thin skinned
      > hull rigid. I have always put as much tumblehome in the stern of
      > outboard skiffs as I could but all my skiffs are tiller steered so
      > somebody has to sit back there with the engine and that limits how
      > much I could pull the sides in at the top of the transom. This
      > inboard skiff let me come on in much further so I did. If you
      > at the photo on my website www.robbwhite.com you can see that the
      > whole topsides of the boat are rounded. The topside planking ain't
      > but 5/16" thick and if it were flat-panel-style, the whole thing
      > would flex and pant without a bunch of frames and stringers. This
      > boat only has six frames and is very light and strong... most
      > satisfactory. As for the funny creep of water up the sides, it
      > something like a surface tension effect and I believe it could have
      > been prevented by a coat of wax. Any planing boat which runs with
      > the bow in the water as is essential for the Atkin tunnel boats
      > have something to turn the bow water back down. I put two spray
      > rails exactly where Atkin drew the chines. The boat is now mighty
      > dry for something that only has 13" freeboard either running or
      > sitting (the stem is only 32" long). Desite my interference the
      > boat is everything Atkin said it was and is easily the most
      > motor boat I ever heard of. I have been trying to talk somebody
      > into building a real one out of aluminum.
      > If you will send me an SASE to my mailbox (check my website), I
      > mail you the name and address of the man who gave me the panel
      > developments for the real Atkin boat. I don't want to put that on
      > the internet.
      > Glad to find this site and I hope to read that many more Atkin
      > have been built.
      > Sincerely,
      > Robb White
    • ojskiff
      I have seen 4 Resue Minors built and 3 of the builders modified Atkin s plans. All 3 of them had problems with the performance. Atkin s knew what he was
      Message 38 of 38 , May 18 5:23 AM
        I have seen 4 Resue Minors built and 3 of the builders modified Atkin's plans.  All 3 of them had problems with the performance.  Atkin's knew what he was doing and I would recommend that anyone build it according to the plan.I built one under Sea Island Boatworks (Mark Bayne) and we followed the plans to the "tee"  The boat preformed perfectly.  I would advise that everyone stick to the plans.  I have a lot of Rescue Minor construction photos posted at www.morrisislandboatworks.com

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