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Re: Victor Slocum

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  • Steve
    ... comes out tops for me . I am lured by the wonderful sheer oy Victor,however I too live on the Ocean and whilst I generally pick my weather these days,I
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 30, 2008
      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, Kenneth Grome
      <bagacayboatworks@...> wrote:
      >Ken Thanks for your analysis of the two Boats.Intuitively June Bug
      comes out tops for me . I am lured by the wonderful sheer oy
      Victor,however I too live on the Ocean and whilst I generally pick my
      weather these days,I dont want to get caught out especially with
      young grand children as crew.

      In a technical sense,I have built in glue Lap,however with Oughtreds
      plans , they are lofted and the lining out of the Strakes is done
      for you. I am not clear on what to expect from Aktins plans other
      than Ofsets and Construction Plan which is Ok I guess I will just
      read a bit more of Gardner and others ,Then go for It! Cheers Steve S

      > > I may be off the mark and perhaps June
      > > Bug is a more realistic choice. Question
      > > here is does it lend itself to Glued Lapstrake?
      > > I am not sufficiently skilled to assess this
      > > from the Plans ...
      > Sorry Steve, I didn't read your earlier posts so I'm not
      > sure of your purpose for this boat, but I will say this:
      > If you want the more seaworthy boat June Bug is
      > substantially better in my opinion, she has higher
      > freeboard and a V-bottom, both of which will help her to
      > perform safer and better in rough seas.
      > Victor Slocum drafts 5 inches less, has lower freeboard, and
      > with her flat bottom appears to be more appropriate for
      > shallow and/or protected waters, although I'm sure she
      > could do fine in rough conditions with a skilled captain.
      > Victor Slocum will definitely be more fuel efficient than
      > June Bug since she is lighter ... and narrower by 7 inches.
      > But given the fact that these boats both take such small
      > engines it's really not going to make a whole lot of
      > difference which one you use as far as fuel consumption is
      > concerned.
      > If I were building one for use in the USA I would power her
      > with a 6.5 Honda GX 200 engine instead of a diesel. Not
      > only is gas cheaper but the engine itself costs only about
      > $200 brand new whereas a small diesel will probably run you
      > 2-3 times that much.
      > Either boat can be build using glued plywood lapstrake
      > construction, in fact the pictures of Victor Slocum show
      > the hull built this way:
      > http://www.boat-links.com/Atkinco/Photos/VictorSlocum/index.html
      > Here's a link to a photo of June Bug for comparison, just
      > click the images for full sized views of any of these
      > pictures:
      > http://www.boat-links.com/Atkinco/Photos/JuneBug/index.html
      > I get the feeling that June Bug is going to feel much larger
      > and safer when you're inside her. Those 7 extra inches of
      > beam along with her deeper hull will have this effect I'm
      > sure. I can already feel the difference just looking at
      > the pictures ... :)
      > Personally I like June Bug better in terms of seaworthiness.
      > I live on the ocean though, and would prefer a V-bottom
      > boat when going to sea, so this may not be as important to
      > you as other factors. In terms of physical appearance I
      > prefer Victor Slocum because of her exaggerated sheer,
      > raked transom, outboard rudder, and slimmer lines.
      > How and where do you plan to use the boat, Steve?
      > Sincerely,
      > Ken Grome
      > Bagacay Boatworks
      > www.bagacayboatworks.com
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