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  • Ned Asplundh
    Ahoy the group, Although I m about to speak heresy, please be kind as it s my first posting. I currently own a Sea Pearl with two sets of saling rigs: the old
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2007
      Ahoy the group,

      Although I'm about to speak heresy, please be kind as it's my first

      I currently own a Sea Pearl with two sets of saling rigs: the old
      wishbone-boomed Marconis, on sectioned aluminum masts; and wooden-
      sparred lugs. My plan is to build a wooden hull for the traditional
      wooden rig. Here's a quick look at my self-imposed design brief:

      * Suitable for single-handing; I mostly go alone, but the grandkids are
      almost at a sea-going age, so there needs to be room for a small crowd.
      * Overnight or weekend accomodations; could be under a tent.
      * Coastal cruising, in sometimes-lumpy water: 4-6 months of the year,
      I'll be along the shores of Lake Michigan, though I have no plans for
      crossings. Other times, I'll be on small Pennsylvania lakes, the
      Chesapeake, or the Gulf of Mexico.
      * Obviously needs to be trailerable; slip space is expensive and
      becoming rare. Prefer plywood lapstrake or strip-plank.
      * Shallow draft. Lake access is silting and dredging becoming difficult
      for economic, political, and other reasons.
      * Although I currently use oars-only for auxiliary power, would prefer
      a small reliable diesel/gas engine for motorsailing or motor-only
      venturing, if the boat's "too tippy" for the grandkids.

      Casting about for "next build" ideas, I've developed a fondness for
      some of the Atkin designs, the small, lapstrake Sea Bright skiff-based
      designs in particular. I've selected four designs and bought study
      plans from Pat to look into each further: Ben Bow Two, Fish Hawk,
      Surprise and Sally Hyde.

      Ice, snow and a heavy cold picked up from my infant granddaughter have
      kept me housebound for the last several days. Putting this idle time to
      use, I took lines/sail plan drawings for each of these designs and
      scaled them, as accurately as PhotoShop and feeble math and nautical
      design skills allow, to a scan of the Sea pearl lugs from an old Small
      Boat Journal article.

      Results can be seen here, along with some initial introspection:

      I invite your OFF-GROUP comments; last thing I want to do is start
      burning-at-the-stake for amateurishly modifiying the classic works of
      these great designers. But I encourage honesty; if these ideas aren't
      gonna work, then now's the time to hear that.

      Ned Asplundh
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