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  • wmeparker@cinci.rr.com
    Hello All, A couple of weeks ago Charlene and I (Charlene is my Atkin Florence Oakland schooner) took advantage of a Reverse Regatta format our club was
    Message 1 of 13 , Sep 13, 2007
      Hello All,
      A couple of weeks ago Charlene and I (Charlene is my Atkin "Florence Oakland" schooner) took advantage of a "Reverse Regatta" format our club was trying to go racing. The format starts the lowest rated boats first and goes up through the ratings to the highest. I figured that without the usual need for start line maneuvering we might have a shot at beating our rating, at least. My friend Rich Gibson crewed for me. Charlene has always done well down wind, but, as you have heard here before, her upwind sailing is "stately". When I heard the first race was to be 4 miles, 2 upwind legs and 2 downwind, I knew we would be hard pressed to finish well. We had the shortest waterline in the fleet that day.
      Our stopwatch was my cellphone. You can't read those buggers in bright sunlight. We were unable to take advantage of our start handicap, and ended up starting with the next boat. The weather was perfect sailing, blowing 10-15, glorious day. We had a good time, and did manage to beat a couple of boats to the first weather mark. That was the way it ended, with Charlene 14 out of 16.
      The second race was two miles, 1 upwind leg, we started on time,and we did better, with Charlene 13 out of 16. Next year we are hoping for a northwest wind, so that the course will almost have to be close reach out, broad reach in.
      We had a blast, took a lot of good natured ribbing, although everyone said that if it was a beauty contest, we would win hands down. Many good pictures taken of Charlene, which I will, someday, post on the website.
      Best to all,
      Bill Parker, Schooner Charlene

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