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Re: [AtkinBoats] Ballast options????

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  • wmeparker@cinci.rr.com
    Don t forget stained glass shops. Although there are a lot of stain galss people who used the copper/silver solder approach, there are many, particularly
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 5, 2007
      Don't forget stained glass shops. Although there are a lot of stain galss people who used the copper/silver solder approach, there are many, particularly those that do restoration, that use lead for the edging. it has a relatively high antimony percentage, bu that is not necessarily bad.

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      From: Don Douglas <douglashome@...>
      Date: Saturday, August 4, 2007 11:13 pm
      Subject: Re: [AtkinBoats] Ballast options????
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      > I read a blog the other day that said the builder needed to
      > collect 80,000 tire weights to get enough lead for his keel. If
      > you want to crunch the numbers I think he figured about 1.5-2oz
      > per weight x 80,000 to get whatever it was he needed. I am in the
      > process of doing that same method for my lead keel. Depending if
      > I build the Perigee, I will need 1400 lbs for the keel and 300 for
      > inside trim. I just go around to about 4 tire stores and they
      > give me what they have for free. Some tire stores will give you a
      > song and dance about EPA regs and battery companies that control
      > their used weight disposal. But I think it is a personal matter.
      > One name brand store gives me weights and the same company at a
      > different location gave me a lecture about company policy, EPA,
      > blah, blah, blah.
      > Anyway I can just about fill a 4 gallon bucket when I make my
      > rounds and then I come home and under "strict control", melt the
      > weights, skim the clips and dregs, then pour it into small mini
      > bread loaf pans. I can get about 75 lbs per bucket full of
      > weights and do this about once a week. Each ingot weights right
      > at 4 lbs and they are easy to stack and store. So 1400 divided by
      > 75 equals about 19 weekends and I will have my keel ballast. My
      > cost is just my time and some propane. While the lead is melting
      > I am working on other projects in my shop and I keep the melting
      > lead near the garage door with it open to let the fumes go away
      > from me. Continued exposure to lead fumes is dangerous and the
      > molten lead is about 750 degrees, so be careful.
      > Don
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      > From: snaglefriz
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      > Sent: Friday, August 03, 2007 9:40 AM
      > Subject: [AtkinBoats] Ballast options????
      > I wanted to ask my next question and it pertains to ballast.
      > Those of us that have actually built a boat know, ballast is not
      > cheap. The small boats I want to build *Active III* and maybe
      > *Pocahontas* I can easily get ballast for these. With
      > *Pocahontas* I
      > just use my Nephew, Ha!
      > I have never built a boat the size of 30' + and I have some
      > options as
      > to getting my Ballast other than Buying from a regular source, which
      > seems to get expensive for large boats.
      > I wanted to ask, what ideas others had on this, so, the question is;
      > Where do you find ballast cheap?
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