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Nanny Gay

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  • John Kohnen
    This message apparently didn t make it through to Jim Hitchman so I m posting it here for him. I m sure all of us will enjoy it anyway. Jim, are you the guy
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 5, 2007
      This message apparently didn't make it through to Jim Hitchman so I'm
      posting it here for him. I'm sure all of us will enjoy it anyway.

      Jim, are you the guy who's had two boats built for you by Paul Gartside?
      Will Paul build your Nanny Gay?

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      From: Trish & Graeme Brown
      To: hitch2car@...
      Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 5:47 PM
      Subject: nanny gay

      I built a nanny gay to William's original gaff rig design , & launched her
      without ever having been on a sailing boat of any description. My Nanny
      gay 'Murawai' , Started her eventful life by sliding out of her cradle &
      falling 6 feet to sea.We then went through a gruelling process of learning
      each others strengths & weaknesses.I built her in about 1965 Sailed her
      basically every weekend & on some largish coastal trips up the south coast
      of New Zealand some of which totaled about 500 miles each way. The tools I
      had were hand saws , a quarter inch electric drill an adze , A brace &
      bits etc, & ambition to be sailing. Motivated Mainly By Bill Atkins series
      of plans. Nanny Gay was for her time relatively light displacement, & uses
      her flattish run & reasonably wide & shallow displacement in the water for
      hull form stability. She is wide at the shear line & narrower at the
      waterline.This keeps her dry, & gives her ballast a lot of leaverage.We
      went without a motor for years & this kept her a lot more pleasant inside
      [no fumes].we finally got a 4h.p.outboard 5 odd years later , although
      this was seldom on board.The Harbour we originally sailed is 15miles long
      by 1-2miles wide , about one third of the harbour bottom would dry out at
      low tide.so every trip was spent beating for half the distance.the 2 foot
      draft & no centreboard were the most advantageous features for this
      terrain.nudging in & about the tidal stream with her long straight keel &
      running aground at many varied speeds was a large part of the fun.any boat
      ahead of us could be a gauge That we could pass on through.Compared to
      other yachts her size Nanny gay seemed to have about 10% more sail area ,
      & she is a good light weather sailer.Her small stays'l would haul her to
      windward along with the high cut mains'l The gaff definately adds to her
      mainsail leading edge.she heaves to like a duck with stays'l aback & helm
      a lea. to me she balances perfectly. In light airs she has just a little
      lee helm , as soon as heeling commences with an increasing breeze , the
      tiller would steadily go neutral ,until at 30 knots of wind she would yell
      for a reef or two, with lots of weather helm. Always she tells you what to
      do. She will sail to wind ward in all weather with a tied tiller.Twice
      with me, we got caught in unexpected fronts that arrived from the opposite
      direction to the breeze we were sailing in, with our full main sail ,&
      nearly as large a lapping stays'l. Despite my paralyses, on each time the
      mast head went in to the water Murawai, then on her side, turned straight
      to windward & the mast popped right up to where it should be!, With much
      shaking of water from above.She is definitely self righting.The amount of
      wind causing these events were, about 40 knots the first time & 55 ish the
      second!The first time we beat back home with 2nd reef & working Stays'l.
      The second time we ran 10 miles up the coast under the genoa jib, in less
      than an hour Plaining down the newly built waves with a level hull & a
      totally responsive tiller just buzzing. we were scared But the second time
      I just felt we have been here before, it must be alright! She is initially
      tender but gets much stiffer as the wind pipes up.This is her flaring
      topsides & flattish run taking effect.This initial tenderness does in fact
      give her lovely light weather qualities.To be drifting over sand banks
      just 3 feet below on a beautiful sunny day is close to heaven. at the same
      time I have gone to sea in 30/35 Knots with both main & stays'l reefed
      amongst the southern grey beards, reaching out a few miles & back, just
      for the thrill of it. It was truly unforgettable. & the shallow draft, of
      totally no consequence. When tacking straight up wind we would get the
      mark just 5 degrees behind the beam before tacking over, so in reasonably
      good weather, she will travel about 45'47 degrees up wind.Reef when the
      sheer line comes near the water, not later.Murawai taught me most of what
      I know about sailing & looked after her crew like a true lady. She is
      basic but comfortable inside and has a sight & feel I don't think a more
      modern or tricky boat can supply. At the time of building a Couple of
      friends built, in one case a Van de Statt 18 foot fin keeler out of ply &
      glass & the other friend a very much heavier British 18footer with over
      four times the ballast on the keel.Both of these boats cost well in excess
      of double my costs, Yet I seemed to get 100 times the satisfaction from
      her.Nanny Gays simple gaff rig is bullet proof, simple to make,out of bits
      of wood & rope,& cheap as fries.It is also wonderfully suited to the
      hull. [neither of these people sail now]. Best regards Graeme

      John <jkohnen@...>
      It s a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a
      word! <Attributed to Andrew Jackson>
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