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Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: STUDY PLANS

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    Here is the photo....Joaquin Felix Graham-Jones wrote: Joaquin I m finding it impossible to see
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 24, 2006
      Here is the photo....Joaquin

      Felix Graham-Jones <felix.graham-jones@...> wrote: Joaquin
      I'm finding it impossible to see your photo(?s) on this site's photo
      section. Could you check it out and, perhaps, reload it, or send them
      to me direct. I'm really interested because I'm in the middle of
      restoring a 1947 Dolly Varden that was, we think, built in the Great
      Lakes. I'm hoping for her return to water some time next year, if luck
      and time are kind to me.
      Good luck with your project.

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, JOAQUIN OMAHONY <jqnomahony@...> wrote:
      > Thanks John, I will send the other $15.00 as soon as I hear from
      Mrs. Atkin. This Dolly Varden was built in Newport Beach, Cailifornia
      in 1936, and was modified in that it has a keel (42"} in stead of the
      Centerboard, but is still Gaff Rigged. I am enclosing a photograph,
      and will add more. I have a Lauson 4 cycle, water cooled, 3.7hp
      Inboard that I am putting in her.
      > Joaquin
      > John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote: If you own an Atkin boat you can
      get its plans for half price. I don't
      > know how Mrs. Atkin handles the study plan discount for the half price
      > plans. Normally, if you've bought study plans for Dolly Varden you
      > need to send $45 to Mrs. Atkin for the full size drawings, with a note
      > reminding her that you bought the study plans. I'd guess that
      Joaquin only
      > needs to send an additional $15 to Mrs. Atkin to get full size
      drawings of
      > his boat, but we'd better wait for her answer...
      > Can we see some photos of your Dolly Varden Joaquin?
      > On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 06:16:06 -0800, Joaquin wrote:
      > > Maybe someone can answer this question...I ordered Study Plans of
      > > Dolly Varden ($15.00), and I sent an email asking if this is deducted
      > > from the cost of plans, and I send $45. next time, or do I send the
      > > $60? I have a Dolly Varden, built in 1936, and want the plans, because
      > > I want to install an inboard engine, and need the location.
      > --
      > John
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      > If you set out to build an Atkin boat, please do not modify the
      plans. If you stray from the plans you do so at your own risk and
      Atkin & Co. will take no responsibility for the performance of the
      resulting boat.
      > The current Atkin boat plans catalog is online at
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