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Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Steel Grand Banks Dory?

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  • John Kohnen
    You re almost as slow answering your email as I am, Denis! ;o) What they used to call day cruisers are what we might call weekenders nowadays. They re mostly
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 8, 2006
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      You're almost as slow answering your email as I am, Denis! ;o)

      What they used to call "day cruisers" are what we might call weekenders
      nowadays. They're mostly for just spending a day on the water, but have
      enough accommodations for a few nights if need be. More, if you consider
      what you're doing a comfortable kind of "camping" and not an uncomfortable
      sort of RVing. <g> I read something somewhere recently where someone was
      suggesting that was a good attitude to have when cruising in any small
      boat. Jog-Along certainly has as much accommodations as many small
      sailboats touted as "cruisers". "Day cruiser" as a label says nothing
      about the seaworthiness of a design, just it's accommodations. A day
      cruiser could be designed for crossing the river bars of the Northwest to
      go fishing for tuna or halibut miles offshore in the open Pacific, or it
      could be intended for putting around the placid waters of Long Island
      Sound. Different boats with different capabilities but similar

      What's your current project?

      Good luck with Jog-Along. Take lots of photos!

      On Sun, 04 Jun 2006 11:04:55 -0700, Denis wrote:

      > I can't believe it took me over six months to answer your post. :-)
      > ...Guess my post sort of fell through the cracks. I have a project
      > I agree with you about Jog Along. She's an excellent looking boat.
      > Why it's referred to as a "day sailor" is beyond me because she
      > seems like much more than that. At minimum, Jog Along would make a
      > fine coastal cruiser and short to moderate passages seems within the
      > capabilities of this boat providing enough fuel could be stored.
      > This boat is everything I would want in a boat, including the salty
      > lines, very seaworthy hull design, and especially the dual engines
      > in the well. I always have a spare engine on an auxiliary motor
      > mount anyway. My current project has a motor well also and I
      > believe there are many advantages to this setup.
      > I think this boat is as close as I'll get for a build-in-steel
      > candidate. I had to rule out aluminum. It's just too expensive for
      > my budget!
      > ...

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