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Subject: Re: biodiesel and all

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  • Rob Rohde-Szudy
    Hey John, Four minutes. Can you tell I don t have an inboard? Well, you re exactly right about the dearth of small inboards. But I m thinking more like the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2006
      Hey John,

      Four minutes. Can you tell I don't have an inboard?

      Well, you're exactly right about the dearth of small inboards. But I'm thinking more like the Robb White method of using exclusively non-marine parts. A good engine might be the Kawasaki FD620D. This guy: http://4dw.net/cosailor/sneakeasy.htm got one for $750 as back-stock! I'd use the Robb White belt transmission for sure. Of course there are also water cooled Kohler and Briggs & Stratton industrial engines, but if the cost gets up into the diesel range, I'd rather have the Kubota.

      On the other hand, being from the "Kingdom of Evinrude" I might adapt a 50-year-old outboard powerhead. These are dirt cheap around here. Then the lower unit could just get bolted to the tunnel with some sealant. And I'd need some belts, etc. Robb thought the lower unit might tend to suck air, though. I'm thinking I might be able to make it work by adding a sealed top plate. We'll see, I guess. I'm still thinking on power, but I know it won't be "marine".


      Good arguments, Rob. But what are you going to use for an engine in
      Shoals Runner or Rescue Minor? To my knowledge small gas inboards are
      almost extinct, though I'd love to be proved wrong. Unless one wants to
      rebuild an antique, something like the marinized Kubota diesels look
      the best bet for many of the Atkin boats. I'm a gas engine fan, the old
      slow to medium speed ones, myself (I don't like the smell of diesel oil
      diesel exhaust for one thing! :op) but I can appreciate that most
      boatbuilders want something that they can buy new and drop right into
      boat ready to run.

      Around here the state recommends running the exhaust fan for _four_
      minutes before starting the engine.

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