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Rescue Miner, inboards, and keel coolers

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  • adharvey2
    Sal s Dad, I for one am willing to cut you some slack on the potential outboard conversion on your aluminum Rescue Miner. I ve been struggling with the same
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2006
      Sal's Dad, I for one am willing to cut you some slack on the potential
      outboard conversion on your aluminum Rescue Miner. I've been
      struggling with the same dilema with my Tom Davin project. The
      industry does not make it easy for one to install a small inboard.
      Rescue miner is in that "atomic fourish" category of 20 -30 hp and 300
      -350 lbs, and there are a lot of options for inboard engines in that
      range, but none of them cheap. I haven't seen, via the internet, an
      atomic four for sale for under 4500 or so - but at least that's a
      marinized engine, complete with transmision. The only other option is
      the little 3 cyl diesels, and there things get really expensive! A
      fully marinized Kubota 1005 (25 hp) from Beta marine is nearly 8000. A
      bare 1005, w/o bell housing, is around 3500, but then you either have
      be very ingenious like Rob White, or pay 2250 for the marinization kit
      plus 1000 for a ZF gearbox. Perkins (Shibaura) has a 91cid 3cyl that
      is light enough for both our applications, but I haven't tracked down
      the price or the exhaust and cooling parts yet (I know they exist
      because the same engine is marinized by Northern Lights Lugger for
      gensets). The Yanmar 3cyl's seem to be a little on the heavy side, as
      are the Cummins 3's. Kubota actually makes a 4 cyl, the 1505, that is
      light enough for RM - 370 lbs w/ gear (minus the heat exchanger which
      you wouldn't need), that theoretically could be run slower, quieter,
      and more smoothly, but its 5000+ bare.
      In Tom Davin, I don't have the luxury of the box deadwood in which
      to put all of the neat (and cheap) mechanism that Rob W. used in his
      RM, so I'll probably have to buy all of the "official" stuff, or
      consider the outboard conversion as you are (or go back to building
      Elon Jessup).
      But speaking of deadwoods, I wonder if the large solid deadwood on
      Tom Davin affords some oppourtunity for a keel cooling setup -
      avoiding the weight and cost of a heat exchanger? I'd be loathe to
      hang a bunch of tubing under the flat bottom of the boat, but perhaps
      something could be worked in, through, or around all that solid "dead"
      wood that would be both protected and effective.
      I have know business even suggesting such a thing since I have
      zero experience designing inboard installations, but I am willing to

      Andrew Harvey
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