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Re: Thinking about Twilight Hi, Jim. I actually got both Twilight and Little Bear plans from Pat Atkin. The latter is basically a slightly larger and tweaked versino of the former. For
Apr 15
Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show & Crab Feed Next Weekend (April 19-20) The Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show is coming up in next week! This is a very friendly, low-key show, where your boat doesn't need to be a gold-plater to feel at
John Kohnen
Apr 13
Re: Thinking about Twilight I think every one is asleep. I see that others at the wooden boat web site have looked for pics of this boat also without any reply. Maybe there are not many
Apr 9
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Atkin's Rowboat George I have discovered that if you go to the Atkins website and click on Photos of the rowboat George and then click on the last photo that there are more secret
Apr 8
Caustic Detergents I have a question relating to cleaning products used in old wooden boats. I used a standard cleaning agent in warm water to wipe the walls and boards below
Mar 30
Valgerda Builders and Owners: Questions on a couple of details: I'm finishing the lofting this weekend, and I have a few questions as I fill in the construction on my lofting.: 1. Rudder Fittings a. Do you use stock
Mar 13
Re: Florence Oakland schooner design Hi, I am lucky enough to own Paul Gartside's Florence Oakland, Marie Sophie, which he built in the late '60's in Cornwall UK. Due to adverse health ,I nearly
Mar 12
Re: Florence Oakland schooner design So sad that the children couldn't be bothered to put a cover on dad's pride and joy. ù John ùùùùùùùùùùùùùù-- "What people say you cannot do, you
John Almberg
Mar 12
Florence Oakland schooner design I am a great fan of the Florence Oakland design. Schooners are my favorite type of sailing vessel. I have had the pleasure of sailing on some big ones. John
Chris Kleinfelter
Mar 12
Re: Thinking about Twilight Wow, not a peep in four days. Anybody home?
Feb 28
Thinking about Twilight No, not the teen vampire books and movies, the Atkin boat! http://www.atkinboatplans.com/Sail/Twilight.html http://www.atkinboatplans.com/Sail/Twilight.html I
Feb 24
I posted photos of Ravn I posted some photos of my Valgerda on the group site. She is a great boat. A lot of fun to row or sail. She's easy to launch and recover making her very
Jan 26
Need information and guidance on 1928 Atkins Ketch Hello - We are restoring a 1928 Atkins Centerboard Ketch. This is what we believe: Boat was commissioned for sailing on Lake Saint Clair Boat may have been
Jan 25
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda I think you overestimate Ripple's burden and underestimate what your boat will cost to build ;-) I've been Ripple's caretaker for 4 years now. Only last year
Jan 23
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda You're the master of Ripple! What a fine, lovely boat! And she's obviously well loved and cared for. I think my Valgerda will be built for less than Ripple's
Jan 23
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Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda It is really interesting to read the lines of thinking on these issues. Such a mystical endeavor, boat building. I'm building a tender for my Atkins Gary
Jan 23
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda Brandon, Thank you for your insight to the design and your cautions. Wind loading has indeed been one of my technical concerns in my modification. I
Jan 23
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda I built a Valgerda and sail and row it quite a bit. You can see her here: http://valgerda.blogspot.com/. To answer your question "does it look ugly?" No. It's
Jan 23
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda whoops --Tim Mooney, not Tom Moody.
Jan 22
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda Stu--that is ever so kind!  Thank you! Best, Michael On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 12:06 PM, stu wrote:   I think it is a graceful
Hawaii Move
Jan 22
Small Sailboat Design I am planning to build a small sailboat that I can do coastal cruising with, and possibly some open water too. It needs to be able to sleep two (one bed), but
Jan 22
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda I would not call that ugly in any way shape or form. I think it looks very nice and clean lines. Good luck in the build and let us know how it goes.
Jan 22
Re: Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda I think it is a graceful modification worthy of its pedigree. stu master and slave to s/v ripple svripple/blogspot.com
Jan 22
Practicing Heresy: Deck and Cabin for Valgerda This is a mock-up of a possible deck and cabin arrangement. I've scaled the cabin from Eric, Jr., and I'll use the Laws Lifting Cabin design (ref: T.H.
Jan 22
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Rescue Minor Being Built in Stuart, Fl. There was a problem with approving this message from j_vance. I resized the images in a huge attachment and put them in the Photos area. It looks like the boat
John Kohnen
Jan 14
Re: Rescue Minor VS Heron Brilliant! Classic beauty. That would be a great boat to explore the Columbia and Snake Rivers. ... Brilliant! Classic beauty. That would be a great boat to
gene park
Jan 12
Re: Rescue Minor VS Heron Hi Ron – it’s not in the water yet, but the hull went together in plywood quite easily. Have a look at www.rhapsodyinglue.com
Alan Boman
Jan 12
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Re: Rescue Minor VS Heron Thanks for the feedback, that helps a lot. How do you like River Belle?
Jan 10
Re: Rescue Minor VS Heron Heron was designed in 1930 and Rescue Minor in 1942. RM is quite suitable for plywood construction so far as I’m aware and Heron maybe OK, although the
Alan Boman
Jan 9
Re: Rescue Minor VS Heron If you search for "Chronology of Tunnel Sterns" in this group's messages you will see an attempt at a list in order. This puts the Heron as being OLDER than
Jan 8
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