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970Re: The Powerboat with Sails, "We're Here"

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  • denisnh
    Mar 18, 2006
      I'm surprised there were no answers to this post, especially
      considering Mr. Atkin designed and built this boat for his own use.
      That says a lot about it. Perhaps someone in the Macnaughton group
      would know more about how this design worked out since they wrote that
      great article.

      I assume there are no plans available in your inventory for We're Here?
      The book has enough information in it to build the boat but I would
      certainly buy plans if they are available. This boat would also be for
      my own use also. It's perfect for me, although some minor tayloring of
      the cabin would be needed. Not anything that will destroy the trim or
      cause a lot of extra windage, though. It's all in the dream stages
      right now so I won't bother you about it. There are some projects to
      finish up first. ugh!

      Spring is right around the corner! :-)


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "denisnh" <denisnh@...> wrote:
      > I read about We're Here in one of the Atkin books and to my delight
      > able to find a picture of the completed boat in one of the articles
      > have by the Macnaughton Group. It's a very unusual and pretty boat.
      > Is there any record of how the actual boat worked out? Did it meet
      > expectations as far as speed and rough water handling goes?
      > Thanks,
      > Denis
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