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89Re: Metal flatbottom houseboat.

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  • woodcraftssuch
    Feb 27, 2004
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      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Bryan Harstad"
      <bryanharstad@n...> wrote:
      > I have been looking for plans for a metal hull flat bottom
      > for the last several months. Lots of plywood stuff, out there.
      > I like the Retreat design, its a little small, but bigger is a lot
      > more work.
      > I also like the Rocking chair.
      > Has anyone built one of the above, or something like it out of
      > I would like to build something like the above, I was thinking of
      > getting a little head start by trying to buy a barge type base, and
      > modify it. Does anyone know of a company that sells bases in the
      > 15'-30' range?
      > Somewhere In

      You might try the "origamiboats" yahoo group which is a
      frameless kind of steel and aluminum construction.I have a book
      called Small Steel Craft by Ian Nicolson which has good info,there
      must be others,probably newer(mine is 1971)To buy a hull,you might
      look on the net(the one Gore invented)under "pushboats".I rode Great
      Northern freight trains across ND 4 times in 1968 and 69.I remember
      oceans of sunflowers all looking south.Limitless backs of heads on
      one side of the tracks,limitless yellow faces on the other.I don't
      remember Somewhere.Was it closer to Nowhere or Anywhere?
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