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842Re: Jebb - solid Wood or Ply

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  • cartacreations
    Oct 28, 2005
      Tubman, I'm looking at the same issue with atkins Maud & Emmiline, similar to Jebb but a
      bit larger. I got to see a M&E at the Port Townesd Boat Festival this year that was planked
      with ply, sides and bottom. The builder ran cross braces over the bottom under the
      thwarts to add ridgidity to the ply.

      I'm considering going with ply for my sides, but clinch nailing them and using Sika to seal
      the laps. I want a solid wood bottom but don't want the issues of having caulked athwart
      ship planks. So I may instead layup the bottom out of longitudinal planks of cedar as on
      a dory bottom and epoxy them together (using rabbbeted edges along each plank to
      increase holding surface). If the planks are numerous and narrow, movement should not
      be much of an issue (cedar doesn't move as much as many other woods). I'm still
      gathering opinions on this idea however.

      Harry Bryan had a 2 part article in Wooden Boat a while back where he built his skiff
      "Daisy". In it he shows how he lays up a 2 layer cross planked bottom out of solid wood
      but epoxied together for life on a trailer or out of the water. Could be anoter option. You
      may want to order that back copies from WB.


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "tubman101" <tubman101@y...> wrote:
      > Hello
      > New to the group and looking for help. just got my plans for Jebb and
      > looking to get started. This will be my thrid wooden boat and is being
      > built for my sister. It will live on a trailer most of the time and
      > used for day trips/fishing.
      > So I want to be traditional as possible, but need a boat that is
      > water tight when taken off trailer. My experience is with plank on
      > frame has been that a few days out and she takes on water for a day or
      > so. I was thinking a ply bottum on Jebb and solid planking or should I
      > go with ply for everything? Or a bottum with a thin plank layer then
      > ply on bottum?
      > Any helpful advice would be great.
      > Thanks
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