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841Re: Bagaduce

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  • Ron Carter
    Oct 28, 2005
      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "John Kohnen" <jkohnen@b...> wrote:
      > Are you the fellow who wanted to buy plans for Sue? What's the
      > old engine you're going to put into your Bagaduce?

      Yes. I was looking for something a bit longer, with room for a bigger
      propeller, but after starting the setup in my crowded shop Bagaduce
      will be a lot easier to work around. The engine is a Detroit-Auto
      Marine single cylinder 2 stroke. The tag is gone so ageing it is a
      bit of a guess but almost certainly before 1914. It is pre carburetor
      and drip oiled cylinder which is the basis for that opinion. 3 1/2"
      measured stroke and probably a 3" bore estimated as there is no reason
      to disassemble it at this time. Runs real nice, Michigan Wheel
      recommended a 14" prop which goes with the rule of thumb that it match
      the flywheel in diameter. Will send pictures as we get something
      besides a pile of molds to look at.
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