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825Re: Atkin tunnel stern by Hadden Boat

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  • robrohdeszudy
    Oct 13, 2005
      I'm inclined to quote two smart people here. Phil Bolger said that
      your boat should be small enough to take with you or big enough to
      live aboard. Otherwise the costs will eat you alive. And Jim Michalak
      said that the smaller boat will always get used more.

      Food for thought.


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "ronschwiesow" <nanron62@m...>
      > Curtis,
      > Thanks for the additional information. Your estimate on building
      > helps keep me realistic on planning a Sea Bright project. I'll
      > start with a model, and keep it simple. I see now why the profile
      > the ad isn't in the catalog.
      > Ron
      > "Sal's Dad" <sals_dad@b...> wrote:
      > >....Alex built just one "River Belle", but modified the Atkin
      > > for the house (streamlined, and shortened, IIRC),
      > > and engine placement (raised and centered). Mechanicals,
      > > and amenities are far more complex than those envisioned by
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