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810Seabright Skiff performance

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  • adharvey2
    Oct 4, 2005
      I know this topic has been touched on before, at least regarding the
      tunnel stern boats like Rescue Miner, but I'd still like to know more
      about what kind of behavior can be expected from the V bottom
      Seabright skiffs like Frank Toop, Happy Clam, Sally Hyde, etc., as
      compared to the conventional vertical deadwood designs, like Linny and
      Ketewomoke, for example. The many references in the articles about the
      Seabright skiffs in general being "able", "seaworthy", and "safe" are
      encouraging, but I am especially concernd about the boats' ability to
      be stable and straight tracking while trolling in calm water, and yet
      still avoid rolling, pitching, pounding, yawing, and all that other
      stuff that occurs when quartering or running off a rough sea. Also I'm
      wondering how they're likley to trim at their designed "cruising"
      speeds, as compared to other types. I guess I'm really trying to
      compare Sally Hyde and Ketewomoke. I'm hoping somebody out there has
      either some experience to share or at least an opinion more educated
      than mine.
      Andrew Harvey.
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