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800Re: [AtkinBoats] Plans for Happy Clam

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  • Cooper & Price
    Aug 30, 2005
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      I have the Happy Clam plans from a magazine. They small but complete - If
      you want a zerox let me know.

      Jon Cassino

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      Subject: [AtkinBoats] Plans for Happy Clam

      > Several weeks ago I purchased study plans for Sallie Hyde as part of
      > my ongoing quest to find the perfect large lake skiff. It turns out
      > that Sallie Hyde was built for Lake Superior - you can't get much
      > bigger than that. The plans confirmed my suspicion that Sally Hyde is
      > very similar to Happy Clam, photos of which appear on this site,
      > except that Sallie Hyde is carvel planked and Happy Clam is lapstrake.
      > I don't see why a person couldn't build Sallie Hyde like Happy Clam,
      > using lapstrake plywood topsides and sheet plywood for the bottom and
      > box deadwood.
      > Then a couple of weeks ago my friend in Seatle with the marine
      > diesel shop called and said that he couldn't find a deal on a 60 - 90
      > hp engine suitable in Sand Dollar (which I had also been
      > contemplating, albeit a very different boat), but he did have a spare
      > ISM 4 cylinder diesel off a genset - 40hp @ 2100 rpm, 135 ci.,
      > 525lbs. Perfect for the "high speed" version of Sallie Hyde. It must
      > be a sign!
      > I'm wondering if and where plans are available for Happy Clam.
      > They're not ammong the plans listed on the Atkins' plans site. They
      > would probably be a help if I were to attempt this.
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